How to Apply for Amazon Flex driver Job application?

Amazon flex is a job proffered by the amazon company to deliver their products to the customers who have ordered them. The candidate has to simply form an account and meet the criteria that are set by the company to get this job. The salary that is given for this job is around $17 to $25 per hour. This amount does not include tips. A person can choose the time slot that he/she has for the deliveries and can work for around 8 hours depending on their availability. 

There are some responsibilities that are attached to this job such as the individual has to load the packages from the warehouse for deliveries. Moreover, time management is needed so that all orders are delivered timely. Additionally, the candidate has to scan the package before delivering it and then take a picture of where the package is delivered and post it on the page. In case the payment is not done, then he/she also has to accept the payments. 

how to apply for amazon flex driver application

In case the person is not at their place or for any of the reasons the package is not delivered at their place then at the end of the day it is essential that the undelivered packages are returned back to the warehouse. If the delivery place is closed then the next day by 10 am it is necessary that the package is returned to the warehouse. 

What is Amazon Flex Driver?

Amazon Flex Driver is a driving job that is provided by amazon. In this job, a person has to deliver the packages to numerous places, and then the person has to scan and post a picture of the place when the package is delivered. The drivers get connected with a smartphone-based app where they can show their availability. 

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The person can simply list the hours when he/she is available and good to begin the work. There is also a feature where the individual can share the experience while working as an amazon flex driver. The work for this job is not fixed and might fluctuate depending on the delivery blocks each week. 

Who is Eligible?

All the applicants who fulfill the mentioned list are qualified for the application of amazon flex drive. So, let’s see in detail:

  • The candidate should have a vehicle in which he/she can carry the packages. The vehicle should be able to carry heavy packages. 
  • The person should have an (SSN) social security number. 
  • The candidate must have a bank statement. 
  • A driving license that is valid is obligatory. 
  • It is mandatory that the person must have valid registration proof and also insurance is also needed. 
  • An experience in delivery or car sharing will be a plus point. 
  • Good customer service skills are necessary for the job. 

How to apply for an amazon flex driver application?

The candidate has to follow the complete procedure given below for the application of amazon flex driver application. Let’s have a look:

  • To begin the application, visit the Amazon Flex Getting Started page and tap on becoming an amazon flex delivery partner.
flex driver job
  • Further, download the app with the link or sign up. 
  • The applicant has to create an account and add all the details. 
  • Now, choose the cell phone type that the applicant is having. 
  • Next, add all the obligatory details such as a vehicle, tax, bank account, license number, or all the information that is asked on the page. 
  • Then, there is a consent and background check page. Tick on that page, once all the information is checked carefully. 
  • Finally, submit the application. 
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What are the application requirements?

Some of the application requirements to enroll for the application of amazon flex driver. Scrutinize all the listed points:

  • The person who wants to apply must have a social security number. 
  • A person must have a driving license for the job of amazon flex driver. 
  • A vehicle that is able to carry heavy-weight packages and has 4 doors is needed. 
  • The candidate should live in the city or under the range of the flex.
  • The person should have a working smartphone. 


Is amazon flex driver a good job?

It is a good job for a person who wants to earn some additional amount for themself. A person’s work depends on the area and the packages that are to be delivered on that particular day. 

How do amazon flex drivers get paid?

The amazon flex drivers generally get paid twice a week. A direct deposit is done by the company every Tuesday and Friday. 

When do amazon flex drivers get paid?

The drivers are paid every two times a week. The days when payment is done are Tuesday and Friday. 

Do amazon flex drivers get benefits?

There are no extra privileges that an applicant gets while working as an amazon flex driver. 

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