Anaheim housing authority Eligibility, Requirements, benefits etc

Anaheim Housing Authority provides federally funded grants and programs allocated by the housing and urban development department in Anaheim city.

This authority facilitates the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The housing choice voucher program, tenant-based program, and project-based program provide two housing options. Read more to gain complete information about this housing program offered by the Anaheim Housing.

anaheim housing authority

Anaheim Portal is available for people applying for the housing choice voucher program. They have partnerships with owners who participate in the section 8 housing program.

People can easily register at Anaheim Housing Portal to easily see their monthly housing assistance payments, owners’ newsletter, and other documents.


The Anaheim Housing Authority opens the portal for the housing choice voucher program waiting list to an eligible individual for the mainstream preference.

  • To become eligible for mainstream preference, a household member should satisfy the following eligibility criteria.
  • Your age must be between 18 to 61 years old
  • You should be disabled
  • You are currently homeless or transitioning out of institutional or other settings or have no place to live.

To apply for the Anaheim Housing Program, you also need to attach the verification that you and members of your house meet all the above qualifications.


The Anaheim Housing Authority provides the housing choice voucher program or project-based voucher program. There are some federal requirements that you should meet to become qualified for project-based voucher programs and housing choice voucher programs.

  •  It would be best if you were atleast 18 years old
  • You should be documented immigrant or US citizen
  • You either work 40 hours per month to qualify for the housing choice voucher program.
  • Your income is not more than 50% of your median income in a metro area or country.

Documents Required

You must attach the following documents to submit your application for the Anaheim Housing Authority program.

  • Employment proof in Anaheim
  • Residence proof in Anaheim
  • Government issue ID
  • Current and past information of your landlord
  • Verification of social security members for all members of the family
  •  Income proof
  •  Your past and current employee information to verify your deductions and income
  • Bank account statement

Anaheim housing programs Benefits

There are many benefits to applying for the Anaheim Housing Authority program. If you also want to apply for this program, here are the benefits you should know

  •  This authority provides people with two housing options: a project-based program or a housing choice voucher program.
  •  It allows the people to move into the house of their choice with family
  • It also provides rental assistance to people at the specific apartment complex
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How to apply for anaheim housing authority?

If you want to apply for the Anaheim Housing project-based program, you must start filling out the application form at the official site.

  • To ensure your qualifications, you should read every requirement and eligibility criterion before applying to a specific housing program.
  • Those eligible for the mainstream preference easily apply to the housing choice voucher program by requesting the pre-application through a written letter or Email.
  • You can also email [email protected] or send a letter to 201S, Suite 201, Anaheim, CA 92805, to apply for the Housing Authority program.

Anaheim Housing Authority waiting list

Anaheim Housing Authority is considered the public agency that offers subsidized housing to low-income families and individuals.

They administer different housing programs. They only accept housing applications from the waiting list that they advertised earlier. They also display the waiting lists in post notices and local newspapers on the website. The portal also tells you when the waiting list will open and close.

Because of the great number of Anaheim Housing Authority applications, it takes up to 6 months to give a confirmation letter in the mail. It takes 6 to 9 months to provide you with apartments.

Anaheim housing income limit

It is determined that the applicant’s income is not more than 50% of the median income in a metro area or your country. Here the income aspects are used to calculate the total household income before applying for the Anaheim program.

  •  Business income
  •  Wages
  • Welfare assistance
  • Social security benefits
  •  Child and alimony support
  • Interest

In Anaheim, the median household income limits are around $103,000, but the exact household income limits are based on the family size. You can easily the income-based eligibility based on your family size.

Contact Information

The available contact information on the official website to contact the Anaheim Housing Authority is:

City of Anaheim

200S Anaheim blvd

CA 92805

(714) 765-4311

Dial 311

You can also email Anaheim Housing Authority at [email protected] if you want to apply for a housing program or want to get details related to the application process.

Anaheim Housing Authority change report form

The participants of the Anaheim Housing Authority program should report any changes in their income within ten days of the occurring change and also report before they remove or add someone from the household.

  • If you want to make the change report form in English, you can use the site DocumentCenter.

Anaheim Housing Authority payment standards 2023

Payment standards set by Anaheim Housing Authority refer to the maximum allowable gross rent that they pay. Here are all the payment standards for 2023:

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Bedroom sizePayment standard

Anaheim Housing Authority jobs

There are many jobs available at the official portal to which you can apply. Here is the list of the Anaheim Housing Authority jobs:

  • Become a supplier

Anaheim city welcomes the participants to apply for supplier jobs at the portal and submit specific bids to the city.

  • Commissions and boards

The city of Anaheim have a number of commissions or boards on which the applicants apply.

  •   Electric services

You can also apply at Anaheim Housing Authority to provide electric services if any interruption occurs.

  • Electronic bid notice

You can review the existing bids of job openings and bid your own to make the most chances of getting Anaheim Housing Authority jobs.

  • Employment opportunities

You can easily browse the job openings, download your application, and email the resume to their email address.

  • Library card

You can also apply for the job of library card, as it is considered on the job list released by Anaheim Housing Authority.

  • Permits

It also provides access to important permits and licenses required in Anaheim.

  • Special event financial support

It also accepts applications for the post of special event financial support person. They are able to handle community-wide events in this way.


This program provides housing rent benefits to tenants. It also allows landlords to make changes in their housing voucher applications.

Is Anaheim a low-income community?

According to the sources, the poverty rate of Anaheim city is determined to be 13%, which is low compared to other locations. It indicates that Anaheim is a low-income community with fewer employment zones.

How much can you increase rent in Anaheim?

According to the tenant protection act, it is determined that landlords cannot increase the housing rent by more than 5%.

Is Texas Section 8 waiting list open?

Yes, the texas section 8 and public housing waiting list are currently open. There is a short-term waiting time based on the date and time of your housing application and the size of the bedroom.

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