How to Apply for Colorado LEAP Program Application?

The LEAP is a Low-income Energy Assistance Program in which applicants get privileges as the electricity payments are done directly to the supplier by them. If the applicant is approved then the payments are made along with the notice to you and the vendor. A person can also get repair or replacement of a heating tool if that is damaged or not working such as a wood-burning stove or furnace. There is a criterion and certain documents that the applicant must have to get entitled to the LEAP program.

The applicants who are qualified do not have to worry about the threat of disconnection as they are safe and secure. The people will be in arrears but their connection is safe. The maximum amount that an individual will get with this grant is $1000 or if the applicants have an electrically heated home then they would get a total of $1200. 

How to apply for colorado leap application

What is the Colorado LEAP Program?

The low-income Energy Assistance Program is a funded program  Low-income Energy Assistance Program That assists all the people who are qualified for the program. In this program colorado families, individuals, and families will be given assistance by paying a part of their home heating charges. This is done so that people can get emergency funds when they actually require it. 

Their aim is to keep the communities feeling warm in winter by helping them in paying their heating costs or by replacing any hearing tool if needed. In this program, not the complete payment is by them, only a part is given as a form of assistance to the people. 

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Who is Eligible for LEAP?

All the applicants who fulfill the LEAP eligibility criteria are qualified for the LEAP. These are as follows:

  • The applicant should fulfill the criteria of annual income. The income should be more than 3/5th or just 60% of the median income level of the state. 
  • The number of people also affects the application.
  • A chart will make it more clear. It is listed below:
leap application
  • In case the income of the applicants is less then they can easily get an advantage of $500. 

How to Apply for Colorado LEAP Application?

A person can apply for the Colorado LEAP Application by following the straightforward steps. Let’s dive:

  • The applicant can visit the Colorado Peak website that is initiated on November 1, 2022. 
  1. Just tap on apply or create an account to get the benefits. 
  • An individual can also call for any kind of information and can also download the application and send it to the local office or can even email them at [email protected]
colorado leap
  • Scrutinize all the details regarding the program and check if you are eligible. After reading the details tap on next.
  • Choose the benefits(LEAP) that the applicant wants to get applied for.
benefits leap
  • Further, choose an option for whom you are applying form and also the place for which you are applying such as home, office, hospital, and many more. Select the suitable one and tap next. 
  • Next, the applicant needs to add all the vital and obligatory contact details. Ensure that all the information that is added is correct and true. Now, tap on next
form colorado
  • Complete the entire form by adding all the details that are being asked and also attach relevant documents. 
  • In addition to this, review the form and make sure that all the details are correct before final submission. 
  • Lastly, submit the application form. 
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What documents are Required?

There are certain documents that are obligatory for the LEAP application. These are as follows:

  •  Gas Bills and electricity bills for the current year are obligatory.
  • The income from the household is needed.
  • A rental contract, lease, or mortgage documents are required.
  • A notice about the disconnection is needed.
  • A present bank statement is required.
  • A legal and valid identity card is a must.


There are a few privileges that a person gets with the LEAP program. Let’s have a look:

  • The applicant gets assistance in paying for the winter heating bills.
  • In case the applicants are entitled to assistance then they get the privilege of repair as well as replacement of the primary heating system of their place.
  • Some individuals can also get entitled to the free furnace and weatherization service with the energy-saving partner program. 


Where to send the Colorado LEAP application?

An applicant can easily send the colorado LEAP application at

How to check the colorado LEAP application status?

This is an easy process an applicant can just give a call at 1-866-432-8435 to know the status of the LEAP application. 

How does LEAP work in colorado?

LEAP assists people in paying their energy bills by making a one-time payment on their behalf of them. All the qualified applicants for the program can get this privilege. 

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