How to Apply for Council House in West Lothian?

West Lothian Council located in the United Kingdom, is a place where you can find all your answers related to housing and shelter properties. This council will help you learn about housing information, and other related news, whether you are a House Owner, Landlord, Owner, Lodger, Flat renter, Council tenant, or working in such similar sectors. This council provides legal advice and general housing finances to people needing them.

What is West Lothian Council Housing?

West Lothian Council Housing aims to offer legal information related to your housing and provide solutions to your housing problems. You can get your advice by:

  • Visiting their local office at
  • Contacting them at their Service Centre number. The Customer Care Centre of the West Lothian Council Housing serves 24/7 their visitors
  • You can mail them at [email protected]
  • You can also visit at their website and upload your issues or make an appointment for the same. The website of West Lothian Council Housing is After visiting their website, click on the Housing section and know about your related queries.
council house in west lothian

Who is eligible?

You can apply for the job at West Lothian Council Housing for various positions. To do so, visit their website and search for the application section to apply for the job. For simplicity, you can also click on this website provider, and directly reach out to the application page. Follow the basic prompts and you can easily fill up the application.

People aged at least 16 are only allowed to apply for housing application. Once the application is approved by the council meeting all the Council’s Allocation Policy, you will be directed forward for further assessments.

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West Lothian council housing Application

Are you looking forward to applying for Lothal Council Housing Application? This section can help you out. There are three partners for West Lothian Housing. These are:

  • Almond Housing Association
  • Link Housing Association
  • West Lothian Council

You are required to submit one application each to all three branches. There are various changes done in housing applications. You can review the changes and get to know about the updated information from their official website. There are changes for

  • Mainstream Applicants
  • Homeless Applicants
  • Housing Allocations
  • New Build Council Housing
  • Homeless Ward Selections


You need to have benefit books, wage slips, tax slips, rent bills, and other relevant documents or details which you think can help your council to go on easily are required at the time of discussion with the council.

How to apply for a council house in West Lothian?

If you want to fill out the form for housing register in West Lothian Council, you can click on the website attached here: Fill Form Online

If you have an active application, you can access it from this page itself, whereas if you want to file a new application, follow the steps below:

Before proceeding ahead, be sure that you have your caps locked on so that you can fill the application in block letters, as it is compulsory.

There are two options available:

1. New Application: To register as a newbie

2. Retrieve Application: To complete the unfinished form and go for the submission

Now follow these steps below:

  • Click on the New Application button
  • Review the General information on the next page that appears
  • Verify your citizenship (Are you a UK resident?)
  • Continue filling in the next set of details
  • Fill up the personal details, contact details, current address, correspondence address
  • Review the details filled up
  • Click on the Next button
  • Follow the basic prompts to finish up the application and go for the submission on their portal
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What are West Lothian Council Housing benefits?

West Lothian Council Housing is a council that works for the landlords, house owners, renters, and such to solve their problems and give legal advice to their respective fields. You can get any information regarding:

  • Housing options
  • Mortgage arrears
  • Rent arrears
  • Housing benefits
  • Clearance for land disputes
  • Managing housing loans
  • Housing rights

And many more benefits.

How does it work?

You can visit their nearby office or try contacting them through their social media handles or contact info. The contact details of the council are provided above, you can refer to them anytime. You will be then asked to take the appointment and book your seat for the counseling options.

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