How to Apply for Dairy Queen Job Application?

Dairy Queen is an American company that serves people ice cream and also offers fast food. The dairy queen is owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc. They also own other outlets such as Orange Julius, and Golden Skillet Fried Chicken. The headquarters of dairy queen is in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Dairy Queen has more than 6400 stores. The stores are located in more than 27 countries. The first outlet was launched in the year 1940. Dairy Queen offers a versatile range of eatables. The company offers jobs to all eligible candidates that are 16 years or more than that. Many privileges are offered to the candidates who work at the Dairy Queen.

A person cannot fill out the application form for job opportunities at Dairy Queen online. It is better to call the nearest location and find the opportunity and give the form by hand. In case an applicant is applying for a new job, it is better to provide them with a letter of reference. 

How to apply for Dairy Queen Job Application?

Apply for Dairy Queen Job Application

There are some ways to apply for the job of dairy queen job. These are given below:

  • Locate a Nearby Store: It is better that the applicant locate a nearby store. The application form should be submitted there by hand, in case there is a job opportunity.
  • Contact us: A person can visit the contact us page of Dairy Queen to find suitable stores and job opportunities. 
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What are application Requirements?

There are a few requirements that a company looks at in the application to hire an applicant. Let’s dive:

  • The candidate’s age should be a minimum of 16 or higher.
  • The candidate should make friendly relations with co-workers.
  • A person should have the capability to work in multiple shifts.
  • The individual must know about the procedures to handle the food items.
  • The applicant should have great hygiene habits that are vital to working at every restaurant.
  • Good communication skills are essential with customers.
  • The person should work through the day while standing. 

Who is Eligible?

There are some pre-requisites that are set by the dairy queen to get the job. Let’s see all of them:

  • The age of the applicant should be 16 or more than that.
  • The applicant should be friendly in nature.
  • The candidate should take care of personal hygiene and must have promptness.
  • Must have the capability to stand throughout the day and can also lift around 50lbs.
  • Must know about food handling procedures.
  • Should have the capability to work under pressure. 
  • Have the capability of working in various shifts.


The average salary that a person gets working at Dairy Queen is around $10.53 per hour. This is the initial income and gets higher along with time. The basic pay per hour for a cook is around $9.63. In addition to this, a crew member gets around $9.29 for an hour. Further, the median pay per hour that a general manager takes is $16.71.

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Job Benefits

There are umpteen privileges that an employee gets at the Queen Dairy. These are given below:

  • The applicant gets the benefit to work at flexible hours.
  • Great incentives are offered to employees.
  • A tuition Reimbursement Plan is also provided for $2000.
  • Employees get fun incentives.
  • The free uniform is also given to the selected applicants.
  • Employees get to meet great customers as well as products.
  • Along with pay employees also get great tips.


Does the dairy queen have online job applications?

No, a person cannot apply for the job at a dairy queen online. There are other ways like finding the nearby store and applying there. Moreover, the applicant can ask for a job vacancy over a call.

Does the dairy queen hire at 16?

Yes, dairy queens are hired at an age of 16 at some entry-level positions. However, to get employed at a higher level position the applicant should be 18 or more than that.

Should I work at a dairy queen?

A candidate can opt for a job at dairy queen. However, there are other choices also where a person can get more benefits than working at dairy queen.

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