How to Apply for ECOWAS internship 2024 application?

An internship program has been launched by the Economic Community of West African States(ECOWAS). This opportunity is given to young graduates that are a part of Ecowas states. The headquarters of the ECOWAS is in Abuja, Nigeria. There are a plethora of privileges that are proffered to the member of the ECOWAS. 28 May 1975 is the date at which the ECOWAS started its functioning.

The age group of the members should be 35 or under that. This program provides an opportunity for young graduates to become a part of the ECOWAS if they qualify for the below-mentioned list. This is a great platform for young candidates to initiate their careers. Enroll for the internship till 28 September 2024. 

The internship at ECOWAS does not include any sort of insurance. Moreover, any transport and accommodation expenses are also not covered in the internship. In case the applicant has already been a part of an ECOWAS internship in any of the previous years, then there is no benefit of applying again. A charter of engagement is signed by the selected candidate that contains the terms and conditions to respect the internship. 

ECOWAS Internship application

Steps to apply for ECOWAS internship 2024 application

A person can apply for an internship by following these quick and uncomplicated steps. 

  • Firstly, open the online portal of Ecowas. Scrutinize the objective, target, and all other vital information. 
  • Further, there is another link on the page. On the other hand, tap on this link to open the form directly. Simply tap on applying.  
  • Now, add all the information that is vital to be filled in.
  • Next, see that all the information that is added is correct.
  • Lastly, submit an application form.
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What are the Application Requirements?

There are prerequisites that are a must to qualify for the ECOWAS internship 2024. These are as follows:

  • A photocopy of the government-issued identity card.
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport.
  • The academic certificate of candidates is obligatory.
  • A curriculum vitae is mandatory.
  • The applicant should be from one of the ECOWAS member states.
  • The age of the young graduates who want to pursue the internship should not be more than 35 years. 
  • A request letter from the HDSA is needed. The letter should tell about how motivated the candidate is about the internship. Moreover, he/ she should also respect the conditions of the internship. 

Who is Eligible ECOWAS Internship?

All the applicants who fulfill the below-given requirements can get the internship in 2024. Scrutinize each and every detail:

  • The applicant should be a part of ECOWAS member States.
  • The maximum age of the young graduates of Ecowas member states should be 35 years.
  • The candidate should carry a certificate in bachelor’s (B.Sc), Ph.D., master’s, or any other course that is equivalent. 

Internship Benefits

There are numerous privileges that an applicant gets with the ECOWAS internship. Let’s have an overview:

  • The person gets professional experience that assists further in their career.
  • An individual gets $500 for the internship a year. This amount is given to all the interns that have pursued the internship in the same country.
  • In case an individual Perseus the internship in another country then the person gets an amount of $800 as an internship for over a period of a year.
  • Health insurance for interns is also provided to the applicants to cover their illnesses.
  • A return ticket is provided for the host country for the interns who have pursued the internship in some other country.
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Contact Details

It is an internship program for graduates whose age is below 35. A person can contact Ecowas at the official e-mail ID at [email protected] for any sort of assistance. 

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