LAUSD meal application 2024 – How to Apply [Quick Guide]?

Los Angeles Unified School District meal is a plan where all those students who qualify and apply for the program get a free meal or a meal at a reduced price. The LAUSD aims to provide nutritional food to the students. LAUSD is serving 680,000 meals every day. More than 81% of students get a daily meal at a reduced price or free with this program. LAUSD has a mission that they are accomplishing by providing nutritious breakfast, lunch, and supper after school. 

What is LAUSD Meal?

Los Angeles Unified School District meal is a program that provides a meal to the students at a discounted rate or also a free meal. The mission of the program is “Nourishing Children to Achieve Excellence”. 

Who is Eligible for LAUSD Meal?

There is a certain group who are eligible for the LAUSD meal. Let’s see of all them:

  • The income of the applicant should be lower than or equal to the federal guidelines.
  • A foster child whose responsibility is given to the welfare agency is automatically a part of the LAUSD meal.
  • For household applicants, a solo application is demanded. A household means a group of students who are living as an economic unit and are also having a common mode of expenses. 
  • In case a student is chosen by direct certification, there is no need for the application.

What are Application Requirements?

There are a few application requirements that a person should take care of before applying for the Los Angeles Unified School District meal plan. Let’s check the list:

  • There is no need for the application, in case a person is selected by direct certification.
  • Applicant earnings should be below or equal to the federal guidelines.
  • An applicant should know all the details that is personal and of other members before applying for LAUSD.
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lausd meal application

How to Apply for LAUSD meal application?

The application procedure for the LAUSD is uncomplicated and quick. So let’s see the required steps to apply:

  1. E-Mail
  • An individual can send an email, he/she must have already received an email. A person can also ask the school campus to send the mail again. Fill it out and sent the email. 

      2.    Application Form

  • The initial step is to see the official page of LAUSD meal.
  • Now, add the district code or the name of the state.
  • Further, select the district/name of the school.
  • Next, read all the details of what you need to add to the application form and select “Begin Application Form”
  • Moreover, scrutinize the terms and conditions. Now, tick the box.
  • In addition to this, add all the obligatory details such as name, information about the household, student details, children in case you are not a student, a person who is applying his/her info, members of the family details, and all other miscellaneous details.
  • After adding all the information, ensure that the information is correct, so review the application form.
  • Finally, select “Submit”

The application of the LAUSD meal is successfully put forward.


There are umpteen privileges provided by the Los Angeles Unified School District meal plan:

  • An applicant who is not eligible but still wants to get a meal can buy it at a discounted price.
  • Food is provided by taking care of nutritional values.
  • The candidates who are qualified get meals at school free. 
  • In case a complete family wants to apply, the procedure is quite simple with a single application. 
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How to check LAUSD meal Application Status?

At first, the application is put forward and reviewed by the authorities. Then a person can check the status online at The status of the LAUSD is generally updated within a day or a maximum of two days(24-48 hours). There is no benefit in waiting for the mail, a person can check the status online in no time.

What is the LAUSD meal application deadline of 2024?

The last date to apply for the Los Angeles Unified School District meal plan for the year 2023-2024 is September 30 (fresh dates will be updated soon). After this date, the candidate will have to pay the full amount for his/her meals. So, ensure that you fill out the application form timely. 

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