Simple Steps to Apply for Spark Driver Job Application

Spark is a company that acts as a mediator between Walmart’s products and customers. This implies that the company works as a delivery partner. The employee picks up the orders from Walmart and then provides them to the customer’s doorstep. There is a spark app that proffers food and grocery items to customers. The customers get clothing, electronics, home goods, and many other items to their doorstep. 

Other apps do not get the privilege to set delivery dates and areas. At Spark there is full flexibility, the customer can get the orders as per there and area. A customer can order the items at Walmart. The order gets to the home without any contact with the delivery partners. Depending on the type of delivery the employee at Spark gets around $13 to $30. It takes around 20-30 minutes for an order to get delivered and in an hour around 90% of the orders are delivered to the customers. 

The spark drivers can also deliver the order by coming in zero contact with the customer. This is by placing the order outside the home. However, this type of delivery is not considered good by the spark drivers. This is because the drivers do not get additional tips along with this delivery system. The Walmart spark driver job is a legal job and many people are doing this by qualifying the eligibility list as well as the vehicle requirement list.

Who qualifies for Spark Driver Job Application?

All the applicants who fulfill the below-mentioned list can get the Spark Driver Job.

  • The candidate should not be under 18.
  • The applicant should have done a criminal background check.
  • The candidate should get a smartphone.
  • To become a part of Spark Driver an applicant should get a driving license and insurance.
  • The person should be able to carry a heavy weight.
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spark driver job application

What are the Application Requirements?

There are certain prerequisites that are a must to work as a Spark Driver. These are as follows:

  • The applicant should not be a minor.
  • Driving License and insurance is vital to becoming a part of Spark Driver.
  • It is obligatory to analyze the criminal background 
  • The applicant should have a smartphone or an iPhone.
  • The candidate should have the capability to hold at least 50 pounds of items.

How to Apply for Spark Driver Job Application?

A person can apply for the Spark Driver by following the steps carefully.

  • At first, the candidate is required to check the career page of the Spark driver. 
  • Now, locate the region as well as the location where drivers are needed.
  • Next, scrutinize carefully till you found the appropriate location.
  • Further, go ahead and apply for the position of spark driver.
how to become a spark driver
  • There is a delivery map so check the time and location that you need to drive.
  • Moving ahead, see the application requirement and then tap on the apply button.
  • An applicant who is having a legal age to drink can also deliver alcohol.

Salary Details/Pay Per Delivery

The employees get a salary as per the type of delivery. An average of  $13 to $30 is given per delivery. The rates that are given to the employees. There are more charges that are paid for sensitive and heavy-weight orders.

  • Curbside Order: Base Rate+Tips
  • Express Delivery: Base Rate+Tips
  • Online Orders: Base rate
  • Shopping & Delivery Orders: No fixed rate per hour.

The applicants get an additional tip from the customers that want to give. So they prefer to give delivery by hand and don’t like to place the order outside the house. 

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How to check the application status?

The processing of the application of the spark driver does not take much time. The procedure gets completed in just one week or two. In this period if the applicant does not receive the confirmation by email or message. Then the applicant can visit the official website of the spark driver. The applicant needs to log in to the application now to review the status of the spark driver application. 


How long does the application process take?

The application of the Spark driver takes almost a week or two. In this period, the application is processed by the company.

Is spark driver a good job?

Spark Driver is a good job as a good pay scale plus additional tips are proffered to the employees. The amount that an applicant gets depends on the delivery type.

How to sign up for spark driver?

To sign up the applicant needs to sign up for the spark driver page. If the service is available then the employee can sign up for the drive.

How do you get paid through Sparks?

The spark drivers at Walmart get the pay every Tuesday. The money is paid electronically in the wallet by the company. Moreover, the employee can then transfer the funds to the bank account.

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