How to Apply for Zillow Rental Application?

Zillow rental is an application where the person can list their property so that it can reach thousands of renters who look for a property. An additional benefit of messaging and screening the tenant is also provided. This is a platform where a person can look for a property that is suitable and convenient for them. With this application, a lease for the tenant can also be created, and also rent is paid to the landlord. 

The renter has to pay specific fees that vary with the location of the application. This fee is for a period of 30 days and after that, the person has to pay the fees again. In case the person chooses to opt-out of the listing before this period, then a complete refund is provided to the renter.  A person can also download the Zillow app. Proper verification is done of the tenant and also the previous landlord is also called to know about the tenant more. To know about the status of the Zillow Rental application, an individual can contact the landlord. 

At Zillow, a person can sell, buy, and rent their house to individuals. The applicant should fulfill the prerequisites if they want to qualify for the Zillow application. This is a safe platform where a person can have various choices regarding real estate properties. The credit report of a person can be audited in a few minutes. However, in some cases, the procedure might take a little longer and can be done in 24 hours. 

Zillow Rental Application

Who is Eligible for Zillow Rental Application?

There are some prerequisites that are set for the Application. If a person has to qualify for the Zillow rental then all should be fulfilled. These are as follows:

  • An applicant who can afford the rentals. 
  • A person having legal identity proof
  • An applicant who has employment and a history of income. 
  • An individual who matches the dates that the owner is providing to move on
  • The applicants have a good credit report
  • The person who is able to afford the down payments. 
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How to Apply for Zillow rental application?

The individual can apply for the Zillow rental application by following the simple steps that are mentioned below. Scrutinize each step to avoid any mistakes or errors. So, let’s have a look:

  • The initial step is to check the Zillow webpage
  • There are several options that are given on the page, tap on any of them.
  • In case the individual has still not signed then do that or make a new account.
  • Now, locate the house that you want to take and tap on that.
  • Next, take a tour or apply for a rental house.
zillow rental
  • Further, after applying, the landlord will review the application and then carry forward a tour or application.
  • Finally, the renter will do the screening and answer the application. 

If the applicant is selected then an agreement will be done between the renter and the tenant. Moreover, rent will be received from the tenant as per the mutual decision. 

What are the Application Requirements?

An applicant has to fulfill the mentioned application requirements to get enrolled for the application. The application requirements are listed below:

  • Legal name and valid contact information.
  • Dates at which they can move on to the new house.
  • Proof of residence history( for the last three years)
  • History of income and employment
  • Information regarding the co-applicants as well as pets.

How does Zillow rental application work?

The working of the Zillow rental application is simple and easy to comprehend. A brief view of the work is mentioned below:

  • The first step is to enable the property applications.
  • Then, the landlord can invite the tenants so that they apply for the property. 
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Invite to apply for zillow
  • Further, once the applications are received then they are reviewed by the landlord or renters. 
  • Next, all the applications that are received are managed by the applicants and the applicants that are selected can be sent an email by directly clicking on it. 


Are Zillow rental applications safe?

The applications are safe and a person can easily find a safe house for themself. There are several options such as buy, sell, or rent. The applicant can choose the one that is opted for them. 

Does Zillow charge for rental applications?

The applicants who want to enroll themself have to pay a specific fee for their applications. The fees vary with the area. 

How much does a Zillow rental application cost?

There are different fees as per the area. However, a person has to pay around $29. 

Does Zillow refund the application fee?

If a person has done listing and wants to remove that before 30 days then the applicant gets a refund of the application fee. 

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