How to Apply for Big Brother Application UK [2024]?

Big Brother UK is one of the most popular shows being aired for a long time. If you want to be in the show, you will have to fill in the Big Brother UK application. After filling up the form you need to hold on patiently as they go through your details and find out more about you from the information that you provide in the video and the basic form.

For those of you who are waiting to apply, read the details from this segment to find out more about it.

Who is Eligible for Big Brother UK Application?

Eligibility to participate in the Big Brother show in the UK will include fulfilling the following condition.

  1. One who participates must at least be 21 years old as of the 1st June of that year when they are participating in the show.
  2. For Big Brother UK, the individuals must be residents or permanent citizens of the United Kingdom.
  3. Those who participate cannot be from a public office and they cannot hold a public office for a year even after the final episode of the show is premiered.
  4. Physically and mentally they need to be in excellent condition.
big brother application

What are the application requirements?

Application requirements for the Big Brother series will include the following;

  • If they pass through the selection round, they must be willing to travel to the semi-final destination at their own expense.
  • Semi-final destinations will be documented in the application and one needs to choose from them. Interviews currently are being done by Skype/Zoom during the COVID-19.
  • You must be willing to relocate to Los Angeles for 100 days whenever the show is decided to be shot.
  • For the final selection process, you must be willing to travel to Los Angeles for a week with a roundtrip economy ticket. Hotel facilities and per diem are being paid by the producers.
  • You must give consent to record your every move throughout the day while living in the house for 100 days.
  • Every participant will get a stipend payment and the winners will get a $500, 000 check but all the payments are made after the final episode of the show is aired.
  • When selected, you will need to fill up a medical history form and also will be asked to submit certain application material or documents like birth certificate, passport, and any other required identification.
  • The Participant Form Package is the next that you have to submit and that will include affidavits, waivers, release forms, and so on.
  • Once they will select you, there is a detailed background check that will be done on you and that includes civil, criminal, financial, and driver history-like checks.
  • People working with chosen groups including CBS Broadcasting Inc., cannot participate in the show nor can their friends and relatives.
  • If the application terms are revised during any time in the show, the candidates can either agree or leave based on the terms.
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Steps to apply for Big Brother Application in the UK or other Countries

To Apply for Big brother follow these simple steps.

Firstly read the below-given steps and then visit the official website to start the application process.

  • There are four steps that one needs to fill in. Include the name and contact information alongwith your address to start the application.
  • Fill up more about yourself next and that will include details about your appearance, more about yourself, and your social media identities.
Appearance Big Brother
  • Submit your picture and your video in the next two segments.
Submit picture BBUK
Submit Video BBUK
  • Click on the Submit application tab to send the application on to the next stage.

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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What is the Big Brother application process?

To start with an application is what sets to roll the show. If you want, you can start by filling out the online form, attach a clear photo and an audition video and attach a clear photo of yourself.  If the producers find you worthy they will call you for the show in a span of 2-3 months.

What to include in Big Brother application video?

How many applications does Big Brother get?

Every year, they receive somewhere around 30,000 applications. However, some even say that the numbers are far less, somewhere between 8000 to 10,000.

When do Big Brother applications close?

Every year the applications open for the next year. For those who do not know the Big Brother application for this year closed last year. The decision for 2024 is still pending whether Big Brother will return or not next year.

When do Big Brother applications open?

The opening of the Big Brother applications generally happens during June and July for the next year, but as there is a lot of indecision pending about next year’s show, thus, the Big Brother applications are still not active.


The Big Brother application gives you a chance to participate in a show that is liked by millions. In this series, different housemates have to live together within the same house. Their activities are continuously monitored within the four walls. Every week there are evictions, often the evictions spread across the series. The last remaining contestant is paid a handsome amount as a cash prize.

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