Blue Light Card Application – How to Apply [Quick Guide]

Blue Light is a company that is handled/operated by the  Blue Light Card Ltd. Blue Light card is a special card that provides privileges to public sector workers. Along with this card, discount services are given for the emergency services, social care sectors, armed forces, and NHS. There are multiple discounts that are available online with the Blue light card. 

There is a registration fee that an individual has to pay to get the benefits. To get two-year access for the blue light card a person has to pay £4.99. Along with this card, an individual can have more than 15000 discounts on cars, insurance, fashion, gifts, and a lot more. The company has an eligibility list and not everyone can take benefit from the services. 

Scrutinize all the terms and conditions being set by the company for using the card. The blue light card can be used in multiple places is as online stores, Shopping malls, Restaurants, and also at supermarkets. A person can apply easily by registering his/her account. The blue light card can also be applied by students from the nursing profile who are at least 16 in age. 

What is Blue Light Card?

Blue Light Card gives numerous benefits to public sector workers on various things. To get this service a person has to register by paying a certain amount. By paying an amount of £4.99 a person can take the service for two years where he/she can enjoy over 15000 discounts. 

blue light card application

Who is Eligible?

There are certain requirements to get the Blue Light Card. So, let’s dive:

  1. The scheme is for all those who are working in the Emergency Services, Social Care, Armed forces, Ambulance services, MoD civil servant, Independent Lifeboats, MoD civil servants, and many more.
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      An applicant needs identity proof to be a part of the Blue Light card:

  • Ambulance Service, NHS Dental Practice, Home Office, Border Force, and many more emergency services. 

What are Application Requirements?

To apply for a blue card, there are a few requirements that a person should know before. So have a look:

  1. The applicant should be from the eligible list for the blue card. As the card is restricted for some work profiles. 
  2. The applicant must have identity proof.
  3. The list of the identity proof is given below:
  • Pharmacy Workers 
  • NHS Dental Practice 
  • HM Armed Forces 
  • MoD Civil Servant 
  • MoD Fire Service 
  • MoD Police 
  • Home Office, UK Visas, and Immigration 
  • Highway Traffic Officers
  • Fire Service 
  • Social Care, Social Worker – (ID card, Payslip or SWE/SCW/SSSC number)
  • Home Office, Immigration Enforcement (Payslip)
  • Ambulance Service (ID card or Payslip)
  • Police Service (Payslip)
  • Social Care, Council (Working in Care Sector) (ID card or Payslip – if these do not state job role, include a contract alongside)
  • Social Care, Care Company Workforce. Company must be on CQC, RQIA, Care Inspectorate Scotland, or Care Inspectorate Wales (ID card or Payslip)
  • Fire Service (ID card or Payslip)

How to apply for Blue light card application?

The application process is uncomplicated and can be finished in some minutes. 

  1. Firstly, open the official website.
  2. Then, register yourself by selecting the work profile. 
  3. Now, add all the relevant details that are your trust/ division and The job title and position. 
  4. Further add your personal details, account details, and delivery address.
  5. Checklist the consent form and Tap “Register”
  6. Finally, the application is completed. 
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There are many privileges attached to the blue light card. Some of them are:

  • The card gives numerous discounts at supermarkets, restaurants, and many other places.
  • The card is restricted to emergency services.
  • The card can be used at more than 15000 stores in the UK.
  • A person can get a discount of up to 50% at some stores.


How to check Blue light Card Application Status?

The status of the blue light card application status is seen on the blue card website. A person can add the enrollment or registration number to check the status. An individual can also visit the office to ask personally. 

Can a care Assistant get a Blue Light Card?

Yes, a care assistant is qualified for the card. This list of eligibility can be seen on the official website. A person can check his/her work profile before applying for a certain job.

Where can I use my Blue Light Card?

There are many services for which a person can use this. Some of them are restaurants, supermarket food bills, online shopping, in-store shopping, and tickets for major events. The service is available for selected work profiles as everybody cannot get the privilege.

Can students apply for Blue Light Card?

Yes, students can apply for the blue light card. But it is important that the students are from nursing as every student is not allowed to apply for the Blue Light Card.

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