British Gas warm Home Discount Application [Quick – Guide]

The British Gas Warm home scheme is a scheme that was initiated by the government in the year 2011. This was begun so that people can get privileges in their heat bill during the winter months from( September to March). The applications for the same get started in the Autumn of every year. The applicant who gets qualified for the scheme gets £150 in their electricity bills. 

After the application has a reference number that initiates with M then it means that the discount will be automatically credited to the account and a voucher is sent for the same. In case the reference number begins with the U then this means the applicant has not received the amount due for some reason. 

If the department is not having details about the supplier then this can be given by giving the information via a written letter and providing them with the MPAN(Meter Point Administration Number). Till December the application should be completed as till February the application period gets finished every year. The applicant can contact the British Gas warm home for all assistance and all the information. 

What is the British Gas warm home scheme?

The government-based scheme in which the applicant gets £150 as a discount is popularly known as the warm house discount. This is preferred by people who find difficulty in making payments on their energy bills. The scheme is given from September to March(during the winter months).

In these months the energy is a little more expensive as compared to normal days. The energy supplier generally controls this warm home discount. There is a difference in cold weather payments and winter fuel payments as this discount are not related to this. So if the applicant is getting any of the mentioned discounts still they are qualified for the British Gas warm home scheme. 

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british gas warm home discount application

Who qualifies for British gas warm home discount?

The applicants that fulfill all the below-mentioned criteria are automatically qualified for the warm home discount scheme. Let’s have a look:

  • The electricity supplier of the applicant should be a part of the scheme. 
  • The applicant should have their name or their partner’s name on the bill of electricity.
  • The candidate should meet the prerequisites of any of the ‘core group’ or ‘broader group’. 

How to apply for British gas warm home discount application?

The applicant can apply for the discount application by following a simple procedure:

  • The candidate has to first visit the official webpage of the British gas warm home discount. 
  • Further, register for login by adding all the essential credentials and pressing next.
  • Next, add all the vital details that are already mentioned in the bill such as name, address, contact number, postcode, and all other details that are asked.
  • Click on find address or enter that manually. 
warm home discount
  • After completing the details tap on the next steps.
  • Now, add all the information that is asked on the page.
  • Moving ahead, scrutinize all the details that are asked in the application. 
  • Finally, submit the application for the British gas warm home discount.

What are the Application Requirements?

There are some general application requirements that should be fulfilled to get the warm home discount. The details are mentioned below:

  • The applicant should be qualified for the broader group or the core group.
  1. The candidate who gets entitled to the core group automatically receives the warm home discount. 
  2. The applicants that get selected get a letter of confirmation from DWP(
    The Department of Work and Pension).
  • The applicants who are covered under the broader group should have a gross income that is less than £16,190 or they must receive: 
  1. Income-based allowance. 
  2. Universal Credit
  3. Income Support
  4. Income-related(ESA)
  • The candidate should be a part of any group. 
  • The name of the applicant should be written on the electricity bill.
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There are many privileges that an applicant gets with the warm home discount. These are as follows:

  • The qualified applicant gets a  discount of £150. 
  • This assists in paying off the energy bills. 
  • The applicant can reduce the energy bills with this. 
  • This is a beneficial scheme as it saves money for a person.


Is British gas still doing a warm home discount?

The discount scheme that is proffered initiates from September to March and the person can apply for the applications in the Autumn of each year. 

When is the British gas warm home discount paid?

The amount of £150 is not paid to the person directly. However, if a person is a credit customer then he/she will get it paid directly to the account.

What are the contact details?

A person can contact the team of warm home discount at 0345 603 9439. The applicant has to provide all the details about the applicant to the company and also has to tell them their household income. 

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