How to Apply for Build-A-Bear Job Application [2024]

Stuffed toys attract children and Build-A-Bear does not just sell toys but also invites you to select locations to create and design your own bears. With over 400 stores operating in different locations, there is a lot of scope for work. If you like to work in the soft toys sector, opt for the various job roles with Build-A-Bear.

Apply for a Build-A-Bear job by filling in the application form as and when a job posting suitable for your needs comes up. It is even enlisted in the Forbes 100 best companies to work for. They offer various types of job roles starting from entry-level positions to managerial roles. Choose their job postings and apply for the ones that suit you the best. In this article, we will discuss how the job applications are to be made alongwith their requirements and eligibilities.

How to Apply for Build-A-Bear application?

Online applications are being preferred over manual applications nowadays. Here is the process of online application for Build-A-Bear jobs.

Step 1: Visit Build-A-Bear Career Page to start the search and application process.

Build A Bear Jobs

Step 2: Choose from the different types of job opportunities to start with the application process.

They have corporate office opportunities, guest experience centers, and store and distribution center opportunities.

For ease of this article, we would explain considering the store opportunities application process. The application process is not much different from one another and by following this article, you can fill in any other department’s application form easily.

For store opportunities, you can either apply for the US or Canadian positions.

Build A Bear opportunities

Step 3: You can either select a particular location or job role to start your application process. You can also scroll down the below given job options from the same page.

Once you click on the job role, you will move to the next page. You can choose from full time or part time applications.

On the next page, you can find out the job role details like job description, other responsibilities, and also qualification-related details.

Step 4: If the entire eligibility criteria suit your eligibilities, you can go ahead and click on the Apply tab in the right upper corner. You will need to fill in the application form that opens up next for you.

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Either press the sign-in tab if you have an account already and if you don’t have an account, register with them to create one.

Sign in Build A Bear

Step 5: Add your username and password to complete the sign-in process.


Step 6: To register, click on the Consent tab. Include your first name, last name, email, password, and primary phone number details.

Step 7: The last step post registration is the filling up of the application form. Add your personal, professional, and educational details in addition to different experiences that you might have.

Once you have added information to all their prompts, click on the final Apply tab to complete the application process.

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What are application requirements?

Application requirements and GED will vary depending on the country. Within a country, all states though might have the same kind of requirements.

  • A high school diploma or a GED is a must. For some jobs, a college degree is a must and for some others, it might be an optional requirement.
  • For higher positions, most job profiles require a prior experience in a similar field or a lower position than the one for which you are applying.
  • An applicant must have a social security number and other identifying cards to present as and when necessary.

Who is Eligible?

You are eligible to apply for a Build-A-Bear job position if one fulfills these criteria.

  • One must be 18 years of age or above to apply for most job positions with them.
  • Certain jobs might require long-hour standing and others might require excellent teamwork abilities.
  • Since toys are mostly aimed at children, hence, applicants are expected to have a good mental and physical disposition toward the children.
  • Some of the jobs like the bear house receiving specialist might require one to stand for long hours.
  • Monitoring abilities are a must for certain job types and people must be seasoned in their monitoring abilities.

Salary Details

Salaries vary based on their standard company norms, job grades, and positions. Differences in salaries also arise from their different tenures and competency level shown throughout the year. Even educational and previous professional experiences can make salaries different. The staff gets paid $8 and above for their job roles per hour.

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They offer different kinds of benefits to their permanent employees like the ones mentioned below;

  1. (401)k retirement plans come for all permanent employees.
  2. Shopping at their stores can bring you some discounts.
  3. They allow one to avail of scholarship programs.
  4. Corporate perks and related discounts on different services are a must.
  5. Paid time off is essentially provided to all their employees.
  6. Employees can enjoy health insurance benefits alongside wellness benefits.


Is Build-A-Bear hiring?

The hiring happens at regular intervals for Build-A-Bear and you need to keep an eye on their career segment for your suitable job roles.

Is Build-A-Bear a good place to work?

It is termed to be one of the most electrifying job spaces one can get in this sector. Constant interaction with toddlers and children makes a lot of difference as well. When the employees come in contact with the buyers, they know more about the different improvements to target in their products.


Build-A-Bear can provide you with one of the best job opportunities in the soft toy sector in the United States or Canada. Here is a bit on how one can apply for Build-A-Bear application and if you wish to understand more about their recruitment, read this entire article carefully. They also have outlets in Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, and several franchise stores across Europe, Africa, Asia, and even Australia.

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