How to Apply for Bula Tsela Shares Application or check status?

Bula Tsela is a scheme that provides an opportunity to the people so that they can apply for shares in a certain company that will, later on, turn the shares of the company into some old mutual shares. As the applicant will be the shareholder in the company so a certain amount of dividend will also be received by them. Moreover, it also provides an opportunity for exposure if there is any growth in the capital of the company.

On the contrary, the price of the shares can also plunge if the company is not doing well. For any other information, a person can also visit the official website that is

This is a great opportunity as in just six weeks more than 30000 applications have been received and many more will be received until 24 October 2022. The applications will be considered that are received by 4 PM so ensure that you do not miss the deadline.

However, there is no such guarantee that all the people will get the shares as after the deadline allocation of shares will be performed. There is a certain list that is to be fulfilled as the verification and documentation vary from one entity to another. The applicants can also mail the application forms to [email protected]

Bula Tsela Shares Application

Who is Eligible for Bula Tsela Shares?

All the applicants that fulfill the below-mentioned criteria will be entitled for the Bula Tsela Shares application. Let’s have a look:

  • The age of the applicant should be between 50 and 65.
  • The applicant must be carrying an old mutual investment certificate(OIMC). 
  • There are certainly other factors that are important to consider such as if the applicant is getting any pension or not and also the national insurance number. 
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How to Apply for Bula Tsela Shares Application

A person can apply for the Bula Tsela share application by following the below-mentioned ways:

  • The applicant can mail the application form to [email protected]
  • In addition to this, the application form can also be filled out at
  • Further, a person can also visit any nearest branch of the Bula Tsela to apply for the application.

What are the Application Requirements?

There are certain prerequisites that are vital for the application of Bula Tsela Shares. These are as follows:

  • A valid identity proof is obligatory and it should not be older than 3 months.
  • A valid residential proof that should not be more than 3 months old. 
  • Bank account proof and it should also be within a period of three months 
  • In case the applicants are children then an identity proof of the parent and a child birth certificate are essential. 

For entities there are some more proofs required so let’s see that also:

  • For companies, CM1 and CM2 are needed or certification of incorporation can also be submitted. Corporation CK1 can also be provided. 
  • B-BBEE certificate or a sworn certificate can also be submitted but that should have validity till 31 December 2022. 
  • The shareholders that have more than 25% in the company should also be submitted. 
  • A dividend withholding tax form is vital. 

For entitles, identity proof and residential proof are also needed, and in addition to this, all the above-mentioned documents. 

How to Check Application Status?

An applicant can check the status of the application by calling 0860506070 or can also visit the webpage that is A person can also visit the nearby branch to know more about the application status. 

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What are the Contact Details

A person can contact the below-given details for any query or assistance.

  • A person can call at 0860 50 60 70
  • An individual can also call +27 21 509 2765. This is for international customers.
  • For Capetown switchboard, the number is  27 (0)21 509 9111


What is the old mutual Bula Tsela shares' closing date?

The closing date for the Bula Tsela shares application is 24 October. Ensure that the applications are filled out before 4 PM. 

What are Bula Tsela share's banking details?

A person can contact the Bula Tsela share at several branches to know about the banking details as they do accept cheques and also cash at some branches. 

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