How to check Canadian citizenship Application Status?

A person can get Canadian citizenship as there are several programs that the government of Canada has come out with. However, with every program, there are certain prerequisites that are essential for every person to fulfill. Some of them are the applicant must have completed three years in Canada out of five.

Moreover, must be paying taxes on time and must have given the test of citizenship. The application for citizenship takes more time as there is a huge rush of forms and every detail is scrutinized before giving final approval. 

There are numerous ways to get citizenship in Canada such as citizenship by investment, parents and grandparents program, and several others.

A person can check the requirements for the application and apply for a suitable program. An interview and citizenship are conducted and this might take time as for every application there is no such fixed citizenship test time. After the application, it might take approximately 12 months to get citizenship in Canada. 

The time period might escalate in case of more applications. IRCC has provided a portal to see the status of the application. In case the person is already having citizenship in some other country then also he/she can apply for Canadian citizenship as Canada accepts dual citizenship. 

canadian citizenship application status

How to check Canadian citizenship application status?

There are a few points that assist in checking the application status. Let’s see all the points carefully:

  • First, visit the official portal to apply for the status check. 
  • Now, answer the questions that are asked and tap continues.
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canada citizenship
  • Moving ahead, the status will be visible o the page. 

The person should have a letter of acknowledgment of letter receipt letter. If the person does not have an AOR then, the person should not contact and ask for the status. 

In case there is a change in address after the application or any other information then an applicant should connect with IRCC.

How long does the Canada Citizenship application process take?

The  Canada Citizenship application processing take might take around 12 months for the application. The application time may take less also but the average period that is said is a year. Although, the government is working out in decreasing the processing time for the application. Firstly, the applicant has to apply for citizenship in Canada then a written test is held. There is no fixed calculative time and the written test varies for every person.

There is no fixed calculative time and the duration might decrease if the application form is complete and all the details that are written are correct.

A fee is also paid along with the application. Ensure at the time of submission that all the details are accurate and fees are paid along with it to get Citizenship in less time. 

Why does the citizenship application take so long?

The citizenship application might take more time than normal as all the information is to be scrutinized many times. There is a heavy rush of applications so it takes many months as the application is checked thoroughly by the officers and it might take time to reach your application. 

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A person can check the status of the citizenship online by visiting the official site of the IRCC. 

Will Canada allow dual citizenship?

A person can get dual citizenship as Canada does not object a person to having one, two, or more than that. To get dual citizenship the person should have Canadian citizenship or should have permanent residency. 

Along with Canada, the other country should also not have any kind of objection to dual citizenship. There are many countries that allow dual citizenship such as France, Sweden, the US, Australia, Ireland, Italy, and many more. 


Can my citizenship application be denied?

In case the applicant does not fulfill the eligibility criteria then the application for citizenship can be denied. 

Does Canada have citizenship by investment?

A person can get citizenship in Canada by investing in the country. For that, the applicant should apply a minimum of 400000 CAD in Canada. 

Is Canadian citizenship better than the US?

A person can get Canadian citizenship easier than in the US as there are numerous programs. There are more than 80 programs(Immigration) that help in getting Canadian Citizenship. 

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