How to check Auburn Application Status [Complete Guide]

Auburn University initiated its function in the year 1856. Christopher B. Robert is the person(president) behind the work of the University. There are over 24600 pupils that are studying in several undergraduate courses. The university is also known as the second-largest one in Alabama.

The application forms for the next year 2023 are open and all the candidates who are interested can apply for their selective courses. A person should fill out the application forms as early as possible to get the results in the first round of decisions. An application form is to be filled and to get the form a specified fee is paid for that. 

The decisions will be out till 15 October 2022 and then the next round of results will be out till 15 November 2022. A person can apply for the application till 1 December 2022 and the final results for the selected candidates will be out till the first week of March 2023. In case an applicant gets selected then within two weeks, an application form is sent to the mail address that the person has given at the time of registration. The acceptance rate at Auburn university is around 71%. 

How to check auburn application status

How to check Auburn application status?

After filling out the application form the result comes out after a certain period. If the applications are filled out early then the person can expect results in the first round of decisions. This is a straightforward and uncomplicated concept, so a person must follow the steps below carefully to see the application status. 

  • Firstly, the applicant has to visit the auburn application portal.
  • Then, the login ID and password are to be entered. 
  • Further, tap on the login to see the portal of your application.
  • Next, click on the status to see the current application status. 
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How long does auburn take to review applications?

The application of auburn gives the decision to the application in three rounds. The applications that are registered early get the decision on October 15 and the second decision is given on 15 November and the last and final result of the application forms comes out at the start of March. 

Those applicants who have attended the university earlier also can register themself by giving a call at 334) 844-2544 to get admission. For other students, the candidates have to fill out the application form and for that, a fee is to be paid. For undergraduate applications, a candidate has to pay $50, and for international applications(undergraduate) a fee of $60 is to be paid. 

What time do auburn decisions come out?

The decisions on the auburn applications come out in various rounds. There are generally three action decisions that are taken to the applications. The first decision gets released in the middle of October which is the 15 of the month. Then, the decision will come in the middle of November.  Lastly, the final decision will be taken in the month of March(in the initial days of the month).  

How does auburn notify you of acceptance?

The decision regarding the application for admission is sent through an email from the university. Moreover, an applicant can also contact the auburn university at 334-844-2586 for any kind of query or assistance. The person who got selected will get the application form from the university through a mail-in in approximately two weeks. 

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In case a person wants to see the application result then the applicant can visit the official portal to know the status of their application. Applicants can see the transcripts, and scores of their test, or can also see the online recommendations. 

Is auburn still accepting applications?

The university is accepting applications for admission of the candidates till December 1, 2022. The decision on the application will be early if the candidate has applied before the result of the first round. The applicants who are interested should register themself before the last day to get enrolled in Auburn. 

If the applicant gets selected then there are numerous ways that can be selected to pay the fees. A person can pay with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Applications will not be processed further till the person will pay the fees at the university office or online. 

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