How to Check GDRFA Application Status in 2024?

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs is one of those wings that are involved with your VISA and passport-related details. Your entry permits, residency, and even your Golden VISA with the establishment, citizenship, and even overstay issues are handled by the organization.

Anyone who needs help with the GDRFA application status or in any of the above areas must approach the GDFRA website to get help with these services. If you are traveling post-COVID for a long while, you might want to read this article before you decide further. Certain process changes are evident like knowing the application status and other essential information. If you want to know more read the below information to confirm the processes involved before struggling with any of them.

How to Check GDRFA Application Status?

To check the GDRFA application status you will need to follow the below steps;

  • Login to your online account and choose the Services tab.
  • Press the Entry Permit/Residence Status and then choose Resident Inquiry/Enter your details tab.
  • Add the VISA code, first name, nationality, and birth date in the provided space.
  • Press the Inquiry tab to check your application status.

You can check the status through

  1. Application number,
  2. File,
  3. Over-the-counter service application,
  4. Special requests or
  5. Establishment details.
  1. To check the application status via the details will need the following details.
  2. Enter application number
  3. Transaction number
  4. Payment date
  5. Click on the captcha details
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how to check GDRFA application Status
  • If you want to include your file details, you must enter the following information.
  • First name
  • File number
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • To check the application status for over-the-counter service applications.
  • Application number
  • Mobile number
Application status GDRFA
  • Special Requests application status will include the following;
  • Enter the application number
  • Nationality status
Special Request Application Status
  • For the ones filed for Establishments, the application status will need your
  • Establishment number and
  • Expiry date
establishment application status
establishment application status

Steps to Check Return Permit Application Status?

To check the returned permit for the application status, here is what you must do.

Choose the special request option to check on the returned permit application status. Enter your application or file number and nationality to search for your return permit status.

Special Request Application Status

Solve the captcha and then click on the Search tab to find the status of your application.

How to Check Visa Application Status in GDRFA?

To check the VISA application status in GDRFA, you will need to go through the below process.

  • Move to their official website and login to their site
  • Press on the Passport Application tab and then choose VISA or Residency tab depending on your VISA type.
  • Add your Passport Number and Passport Expiry date in the space provided for the online checking option.
  • Choose your nationality from the dropdown provided.
  • Click on the captcha and solve it to prove you are a human.

You can alternately visit the GDRFA portal.

  • Choose the Residence validity and from the drop-down select the UAE Visa inquiry.
  • Add your residence file number with the help of your year of issue. If you are searching for the VISA file number, you can do so from the VISA page in your passport.
  • Include your first name and date of birth in the separate spaces provided.
  • Solve the Captcha to verify you are not a bot and click on the submit button.
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FAQs Related to GDRFA

How to check GDRFA Approval Status?

The GDRFA approval status is possible to observe from your online site. Go online and login to the site. Add the Resident File number (the number under File on your Visa).

Check the approval of your application from your dashboard.

How can I check Dubai Approval Status?

The approval status is present in the dashboard against your application. Find the status from the column that reads Approval Status beside the application form. If it is approved, you will see the approval status.

How long does it take to get entry Permit UAE?

It takes somewhere between 3 days to anywhere upto 20 days to get the entry permit to Dubai. After you file the application, your application will get processed with appropriate scrutiny before the entry permit is issued. The larger part of the overall time taken for generating the entry permit goes towards the background check process.


By reading this blog, you will get to know all details you need to check through your application status in different ways. If you have any doubts, you can check the GDRFA website for more information.

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