How to check Hayya Card Application Status?

A Hayya Card is a kind of fan ID that the ticket holders of the FIFA world cup can get after applying. With the card, the ticket holders get the privilege of free bus rides and metro on game days. The applicant can come to Qatar along with this card. There is no need for any visa if a person is having this card along with them. 

The applicant needs to have certain documents along with them to apply for the Hayya Card. The candidates need not have to pay any additional charges for this card as this is free of cost. There is no need for a person to have a physical card as the applicant can carry a digital card along with them. 

The applicants can come from 1 November and can reside here till January 23, 2022. Generally, international applicants get a response in five days about the application approval and rejection. If the applicant has added any wrong information then the applicant can alter the details after a response from the authorities at the official portal of the Hayya. 

hayya card status

How long for Hayya’s Card approval be?

The Hayya card does not take much time and usually gets approved in approximately three days for domestic residents. On the other side, it takes five to seven days for international visitors to get their applications approved. 

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So, once the application is sent then in just 5 days, a response will come from the authorities about the application. In case there is some information that is incomplete or an error then after the response, it can update at the Hayya Card portal. 

How to Check Hayya’s card application status?

A person can apply for the Hayya card by creating an account on the webpage and adding all the essential information. The applicant should have a ticket for the match, a passport-size photograph, and a legal ID, along with them for the application. 

Once the application is submitted then it takes around seven days for the application approved. Moreover, the mail is received from the authorities about the application status also or the applicant can check the status of the application of his/her Hayya card at the official portal of Hayya.

For this login to your Hayya Dashboard by using your user id and password that you used while applying for the Hayya card. You can see your card status easily on your Hayya Dashboard platform.

How to download a Hayya Card?

Once the application confirmation is received then the applicant can download a Hayya card. The applicant needs to visit the account that was created by them at the official portal. There will be an option for downloading. Just tap on the option and the card will be downloaded. An individual can also save the card on the phone and can provide it to authorities whenever they demand it. This will make the procedure easier and the card will be safely kept in the phone wallet. 

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Who needs Hayya's card?

A Hayya card is needed for specific reasons. These are mentioned below:

  • All the people who want to watch international matches, FIFA world cup need to have a Hayya Card
  • An applicant can apply for two dependents along with the application if the two are minors. 

Do I need a visa if I have a Hayya card?

The applicant who is having a Hayya Card does not need to have a visa as the card is a permit and will work as a visa for the people to come to Qatar. 

When can I enter Qatar with a Hayya card?

A person can come to Qatar along with the Hayya card. The applicants can visit from 1 November 2022 and the last date to come here till 23 December 2022. The people can reside in Qatar till 23 January 2023. 

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