How to check OSU Application Status for Undergraduates?

OSU, also known as Oklahoma State University, provides several beneficial undergraduate programs for students. The opportunities are open for FY undergraduates, SY bachelors, graduate students, and transfer students. 

The application for OSU is online. So, students can visit the online portal for this application. Let’s learn more about the OSU application.

OSU has introduced over 220-degree programs. These courses include degrees, such as master’s, post-baccalaureate, doctorate, law, health, and more. The student’s admission to the University depends on their pre-evaluation tests. 

The University also allows International students. However, they must have legal immigration papers. 

How to check osu application status

How to check the OSU application status for undergraduates?

Have you applied for your OSU application and want to check its status? 

Follow the steps mentioned below to check your OSU application status:

First method

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to ‘Admissions’ and on its left section, click on ‘Application Status.’
  • Click on it to view your status.

Second method

  • Go to “To-do list.”
  • Click on “More.”
  • Here you will find all the updates of your application.

OSU acceptance rate

Oklahoma State University’s acceptance rate is 57.2%. 

It means that from 100, only 54 students are accepted. Therefore, students who excel in the field are granted admission because the process is moderately selective.

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To get selected, you must pass:

  • GPA test
  • SAT test
  • ACT test

For the 2025 class, OSU accepts only 33,269 students from 58,180 applications. They reject other applications. 

So, we’ll now understand the OSU application process.

OSU application process

OSU conducts the application for admission online. A student can easily submit their application at their home’s comfort. 

Step-by-step instructions to complete the OSU freshmen application process:

  • Visit the ‘’ website.
  • Select your course and click on the link present on the right side.
  • Submit essays and resumes required for admission. 
  • Provide your transcript.
  • Finally, submit all the test scores for the particular course.
  • Hit on the ‘Submit’ button.

Wait for one to two weeks. The university will contact you if you meet their perfect student requirement.


How do I know if I've been accepted to OSU?

  • Click on Admissions on the OSU website.
  • Click on the Admissions Status link.

Tap the button to view your status and whether you are accepted to OSU.

How long does it take for OSU to accept you?

The university takes approximately one to two weeks to review and accept your application.

Why is my OSU application taking so long?

The increased lag time may be the cause. It occurs when the system lags while verifying your test scores and documents. So, wait at least 10 days for the result.

Where do I find my OSU acceptance letter?


Although the acceptance rate of OSU is comparatively low, the university is flexible with conducting admissions.

So, crack the minimum test scores to get admission to OSU and enter your dream university. Experience comprehensive studies at Oklahoma State University.

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