Cook County promise Guaranteed Income pilot program Application

The poor have suffered hugely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those living in Cook County with 250% below the Federal Poverty level can apply for the new pilot program. Inflation and red tape make the lives of low-income groups worse. Many programs in the US are working to empower low-income groups by giving apt amounts necessary for survival.

Almost 36% of Cook County residents are eligible to apply for the program. Those who participate in other Federal programs will not be able to apply for the pilot project.  A total of 42 million dollars is being issued for running the entire project for 2 years.

What is Cook County Promise Program?

In such situations having a staple income, even if it is a $500 sum a month can solve many of your problems. Getting this income means applying for it, and showing your need to the concerned organization. Through a lottery, 3250 residents will be chosen and the amount will be given to each resident for two years.

Cook County promise Guaranteed Income program

Cook County promise Guaranteed Income pilot program Application Process

Visit their website at the given link to understand more about the Cook County Guaranteed Income Program and also if you wish to apply.

Cook County Promise Program application

Add your personal information like your name, email address and phone number, language to use for mailing and messaging,

Cook County Promise application
  • Include the criminal records and also any other details related to them.
  • Add your income-related details and also separately add the income details of every family member.
  • Incorporate your home address and also include information about other benefits.
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What are the Application Requirements?

The application requirements for the Cook County Guaranteed income program will include the following;

  1. A valid email address and telephone number are a must for the application.
  2. You must declare your income for the entire family if you wish to apply for it.
  3. Declare the number of caregiving children within a household.
  4. Those who earn from other Federal programs (Evanston and Chicago) can intimate the same. Based on how the program is you might get to draw the benefit from this program.
  5. Criminal records if any must be submitted for the Cook County Promise Program.

Who is Eligible for Cook County promise program application?

To be eligible for the Cook County Promise program, you must fulfill the following criteria.

  1. You must be 18 years and above if you wish to participate in the program.
  2. They must be a Cook County resident and irrespective of their immigration status, you can apply for the program. It is not the case with many other program types offered by the Federal government.
  3. The income levels of individuals must be 250% below the Federal poverty level.


The benefits of the Cook County pilot program include the following;

  • It will cause a decline in the inflation rate in the country.
  • They will be benefited mentally, physically and financially from the program.

They will also get to go to the next level if the pilot program becomes successful.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I apply for Cook County $500 a month?

How to Check Application Status?

You will receive a mail or SMS detailing the application status for Cook County as soon as the selection process gets over.


If you want to find out more about the Cook County program, you can refer to this article. You can apply until 21st October 2022. Additionally, find out more about the program from this link where they present a presentation for all those who wish to apply. They are also going to arrange a webinar on 11th October 2022 by 5 pm CT for all those who have queries beyond what is explained in the slides and the site.

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