Emergency Disaster Relief Grant Application Arkansas 2024

Our housing is not fully proof, and whenever there is a natural disaster, our brick-and-mortar walls come crashing down. Disasters are always a step away, and if you live in a disaster prone zone, you might want to know what offerings the government has in your locality.

Arkansas is one such disaster-prone zone and faces a lot of different kinds of disasters. If you live in Arkansas, it is good to have a fair idea of what a disaster management plan like Arkansas Disaster Relief can do for you.

Recently there was a major disaster for which relief is already in full swing.

What is Arkansas Disaster Relief?

Arkansas State provides relief against drought, floods, tornadoes, landslides, thunderstorms, earthquakes, winter weather, levee failures, landslides, and even wildfires.

If you have faced any of the above disasters, you can claim disaster relief by calculating your real-time disaster damage. They will cover primarily your basic needs; however, your complete requirements will not be on their radar.

You can request your benefits after a disaster by either calling them up, visiting a disaster recovery centre, or filling out an online application. Normally, it takes 10 days for them to respond after the application is done.

How to Apply for Emergency disaster grant Application Arkansas

For people living in Lonoke, Cross, or Pulaski counties who cannot apply online, you can call 800-621-3362.

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Go online and start your application here.

Most of the time, you will need to quickly fill in your personal details, loss amount, and loss type. Also, you will need to fill in your income-related details. You must also submit your insurance details.

After you fill-up the form, and submit it, it can take up to 10 days for them to respond back.

Who is Eligible for disaster relief in Arkansas?

You are eligible for the Arkansas disaster relief program fund if you fulfill the following criteria.

  1. The damage should be due to the disaster that happened in the locality where you stay.
  2. A residence will need a thorough inspection if one wants to get the relief amount.
  3. Applicants need to show proof of residency in the form of a bill and the damage amount will only be given for the home that is considered to be your residence.
  4. As an owner, you will need to submit the utility bills for your house.
  5. Ownership proof like the deed or mortgage statement needs to be tagged with the application.
  6. Every household can send only one application.
  7. Insurance claim documents need to be submitted.
  8. Applicants can also apply for an SBA loan if small business assistance is provided.
  9. Businesses cannot apply.

What documents are required?

There are several documents that are required by the Arkansas Disaster Relief coverage.

  1. Identity documents such as social security documentation need to be given.
  2. Residence proof needs to be submitted.
  3. Bills have to be provided for proving it’s your residence.

What does Arkansas Disaster Relief Cover?

They cover the basic needs of an individual at that point, which include medical needs, food, shelter related needs, and other essentials like health and hospitalization needs. They also cover transportation, funeral, and even dental costs one has to bear. Most often, they cover those needs that are not covered by your insurance program.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much does Arkansas Disaster Relief Pay?

They will pay for the basic requirements and help with the payment by providing it within 10 days.

Do you have to pay back Arkansas disaster Relief?

No, you will not have to pay back the Arkansas disaster relief program fund. It is relief assistance, and there is no need to pay it back.

How long does application Process takes?

It takes not more than 10 days to get disaster assistance. In general, they fulfil short term needs, and the payments are made as quickly as possible.


If you require any sort of disaster relief, it would be best to approach the local relief centers that operate disaster relief in Arkansas. Most often, they are faster at providing relief than others and almost always provide relief at the right time. Learn how best you can receive help in Arkansas and how their disaster management works from this article.

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