How to Apply for Disney College Program Application?

Disney college program for college students who want to pursue their paid internship in this magic world. This is a highly competitive program where millions of students apply to become part of it but only a few gets selected for the Disney college program. There are many privileges that one gets with this internship. Not only pay but the candidate gets to reside in the Disney land Resort in California or Disney World Resort in Florida. Candidates can attend the seminars to magnify their learnings and skills.

It is not easy to get selected for this wonderful opportunity as there is a list that is a must to get entitled to the Disney college program. Many documents need to be submitted alongside the application. A GPA of 2 scores is obligatory as the applicant having 1.999 is also rejected for this program. The candidate should be enrolled in a course in any of the US universities or a college to participate for the Disney College program. A candidate can also get selected for a job at any of the Disney outlets if the internship is done well. 

The selected students can finish the Disney College program in approximately five to seven months if done on a regular basis. However, the applicant can even extend it to the next semester. A person can also opt for this course more than one time. A minor cannot get registered of this program. A person can easily apply for this program by finishing an application online and can also opt for a telephonic interview. 

disney college program application

What is the Disney College Program?

Disney College Program is a program based in the United States in which students get enrolled for a paid internship. The Walt Disney Company operates the Disney College Programs. In 1981, the first Disney College Program was initiated. This program adds a career to this Magic World. The college program gets finished in between four to seven months. However, the program may also extend to a year for some students. This is one of the best brands for all the individuals who want to carry forward their careers in the entertainment brands.

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Not all person qualifies to get enrolled in this program. Tons of applications are received every year and not more than 20% get the chance to become a part of this college program. The students get the privilege to reside in the Disney resorts during their internship or a semester-paid program. Around 5% of lucky people get the benefit to work in the company after their studies.

Who is Eligible?

The candidates who attain all the eligibility standards as prescribed by Disney college are entitled to the program. The list involves:

  • The applicant should not be fewer than 18.
  • The applicant should be registered in the accredited college program and should have completed a minimum of one semester in that college/university.
  • The applicant should have unlimited US work permission.
  • Student who are international should have an F-1 or J-1 visa.
  • Getting enrolled in a US college or university is obligatory.

What are Application Requirements?

A person has to take care of certain application requirements to become a part of the Disney college program. Let’s have a look:

  • The age of the individual who wants to get enrolled must be 18 or above that.
  • The applicant should be ready to work on weekends.
  • The candidates who applied for the Disney college program must have the patience to wait for 4 months after their last departure prior to applying.
  • A GPA score of 2.0 is obligatory to get enrolled in the Disney college program.
  • An individual should have completed one semester at a US college or university.

Steps for the Disney college program Application

The application procedure for the Disney college program is simple and can be completed in a short time if all the below-given steps are followed carefully.

  • To begin with, visit the website of Disney college programs
  • Further, check the eligibility requirement and study them carefully.
  • Moving ahead, tap on “apply now” to initiate the application.
  • Once again Tap on “apply now”
  • Now, select an option that is suitable to apply for you.
  • In addition to this, add all the essential professional/educational and personal details.
  • After adding all the information, scrutinize it.
  • At last, “Submit” the application.

Program Benefits

There are several privileges that a candidate gets along with the Disney college program. Let’s see all of them in detail:

  • The applicant gets an advantage to get selected for the work.
  • Be a part of one of the eminent entertainment brands.
  • The candidate who gets selected gets the advantage to reside in the Disney resorts for their course.
  • A good internship status is attached to pursue a career at other jobs.
  • An individual can meet many new people there.
  • Numerous discounts are received at this college program.
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Do you get paid for the Disney college program?

An individual gets paid for this College Program. The starting rate that a person gets for the program is $14. On average for the styling of an apartment, a student gets a median of $100 weekly.

What GPA do you need for the Disney college program?

The GPA that an applicant requires for the Disney College Program should be a minimum of 2.0. A candidate who is having 1.999 GPA is also not acceptable.

Is it hard to get into the Disney college program?

There are ample applications received for the Disney college program. However, not even 20% of the applicants get qualified for the Disney college program. So, it is quite hard to become a part of this program.

How long is the Disney college program application process?

There is no standard time period for this college program application process. The approximate time to get the result of the application can be around three weeks and can also escalate to three months.

Is the Disney college program accepting applications?

The applicants can apply for the college program as the applications are open now for the year 2023

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