DSWD Educational or cash Assistance 2024 Online Application

DSWD stands for The Department of Social Welfare and Development. In the DSWD cash assistance program, the applicants can apply for the financial help that they need to pay for their tuition fees and any other needs. DSWD was begun for the well-being of Filipinos. All the applicants that are selected for the educational assistance receive the amount as per their level of education. The categories are from P1,000 to P4,0000. 

DSWD is not a scholarship program, this is just a sort of financial aid that is given to students. There are a few particulars that are indispensable for getting educational assistance as everyone cannot apply for the same. The candidate who wants to apply for the DSWD can go to the nearby office and submit the application form there also. 

What is DSWD Cash Assistance?

DSWD cash assistance is a program that is initiated to provide help to the students to pay their tuition fees and all other basic needs. There are certain requirements to apply for this educational assistance plan. In this assistance program, three children from a single family can apply for financial help in their education.

dswd educational assistance application online

Who is Eligible?

There is a certain eligibility list that is issued by the DSWD. All the persons who fall in the below-given classification can apply for the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) cash assistance program:

  • A school child/college student who is working
  • A pupil who has a solo parent.
  • Breadwinner
  • A candidate who has parents but they don’t have any source of income/living
  • A child who has no one to take care of/no family and is living with his/her relatives.
  • Who is a sufferer of a domestic abuse
  • A sufferer of a natural disaster
  • A child of persons with disabilities(PWDs)
  • OFWs are children of Overseas Filipino Workers(OFWs). 
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What are Application Requirements?

The DSWD cash assistance for students’ 2023 requirements is shared below. Ensure that you have all before moving ahead with the application process:

  • An enrollment proof/ certification of enrollment
  • In case the applicant is not present then a letter of authorization is demanded
  • ID proof of the student/guardian/parent is needed, who is available in college or has taken any vocational course. 

How to do DSWD online registration for cash assistance?

A person can get the online registration for cash assistance by following these simple steps:

  • The applicant needs to open www.dswd.gov.ph/eservices.
  • Further, tap on “Programs, Projects, and Services”
  • Next click on the program that you want to apply for.
  • Now, click on the application form
  • After adding all the obligatory details. Tap “submit”.

In case the online portal is not working then the candidate can visit the DSWD office and submit the application there. Moreover, an individual can also email the application form to the official address of DSWD.

How to Apply for DSWD cash assistance for students in 2023?

There are mainly two ways that a person can opt to register themself for the DSWD educational assistance 2023 online application. These are given below:

  • Email: The applicant can send direct mail to the official address of the DSWD. The application form in which all the obligatory details need to be added should be attached to the mail. The email address that a person can use to send the application is [email protected] 
  • Visiting the office: The second alternative to apply for DSWD educational assistance is to locate the office of DSWD and walk in there to give the application form. 

A confirmation email will be received from the DSWD which includes the place and date you need to go for assistance and all the documents that are to be submitted to receive the DSWD educational assistance. 

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There are many privileges that a candidate gets along with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) cash assistance:

  • P1,000 is given to the applicants who are studying in the elementary school
  • P2,000 will be received by the candidates at higher levels of education.
  • P3,000 for all those students who are at senior level(school).
  • P4,000 for those candidates who are enrolled in vocational courses or are at the college level. 


How much is DSWD cash assistance?

The DSWD cash assistance is not fixed as it varies with the education level. The students at the elementary level get P1000 whereas those at the higher level get P2000 and P3000. In addition to this, the college students or vocational candidates get P4000. 

Who can get DSWD financial assistance?

There are some specifications that are set by the DSWD for financial assistance. Firstly, the applicant should have only one parent, must be a school or a college student who is doing work also, PWDs, OFWs, a candidate whose parents are not able to earn much for a living, and a breadwinner. 

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