How to Apply for Fearless Fund Grant Application 2024?

Right off the bat, Fearless Fund Grant has a greater cause than we think it can have. This is a proven fact that the business-driven, founded, or tackled by women are 63% more efficient than those tackled by men. For the record, men are good at the business, whereas women are good at understanding, making strategies and tactics to make a considerable growth for a company as well as its workers. Tracy Gray is currently the Founder and has made this venture possible.

What is the Fearless Fund Grant?

It was found in a survey that from all the investments made in businesses, be it already existing or new budding workplaces, only 2.2% went to businesses founded by women. The fact that is more brutal is that only 1% of the funding went to women of color in business. 

To minimize this gap, Fearless Fund Grant made a wise and brave step in bringing the investors and these women of color budding business owners to create a mutual relationship. This means a meeting point where both the parties are equally benefitted one way or the other.

fearless fund grant application

How to Apply for the Fearless Fund Grant?

If you meet the above-mentioned requirements, you can be sure of your eligibility and go ahead with the application process.

Step 1: To apply, you need to first visit the site and click on the apply tab.

Step 2: Scroll down through the requirements and have a look if you wish to.

Step 3: Go to the ‘apply now button and click.

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Step 4: It will redirect you to a google form where you will be asked for a few mandatory details.

Step 5: Lastly, Fill in the form and wait for your turn. They will send an email with further information within 8-10 business days.

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Who is Eligible for Fearless Fund Grant?

Well, to get a grant with such a great cause, you have to meet the eligibility criteria to be able to apply in the whole process. Let’s consider the points to be kept in mind.

The fearless fund may only grant investments to small-scale businesses if they meet the following the criteria:

  • Women of color – This is the main criteria to get to be part of the part Fearless Fund Grant. One of the founders must be a woman of color who will be the owner of equal equity of the company as any of her colleagues. More than one is as good as it can get. They should have equal say in the company just as any founder member.
  • One of the founder members should be involved in the management and should have good knowledge of business analysis and industry management, to say the least.
  • Must have a strong business model along  5-year Pro-forma. They should also possess a well-significant, early defined, and well-researched exit strategy in case of any discrepancy.
  • The ask should be in parallel to the company’s growth. You can not just ask for any lump sum amount of money.
  • The fund only considers investment in equity or debt financing structured deals. It also prefers deals with many investors and founders rather than a business that has a sole mother in business.
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Grant Benefits

Besides just getting an investor on board for the business module, there are various other benefits you may get from the fearless fund.

  • The Fearless Fund has disbursed over $200,000 in business grants to women of color entrepreneurs at $10,000 each for COVID relief. Where any other company would have departed, Fearless Fund Grant took the risk and helped its companies to stay strong in that rough patch of time.
  • It provides GRV programs, that is Get Ready Venture programs for beginners. It is a 12-month long training that teaches you all the basic amenities required to maintain a large-scale business and earn a considerable amount of profit keeping in mind ‘ quality over quantity.
  • The course helps you create a strong backbone to make and accelerate other parts of your business seamlessly.
  • The GRV includes:
  1. Monthly classes are demonstrated by the reputed masters, who are the best among the kind.
  2. A great deal of networking and brand marketing through Facebook communities help you create a strong hardcore audience.
  3. Scheduled monthly calls for counseling with the masters.
  4. And last, but not least, the pitch workshops. These workshops help you to create a pitch of the highest potential that you can present n front of future investors or your audience!

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