How to Fill out Federal Postcard Application?

Some citizens prefer voting for their leaders but are out of state for their jobs and duties. In the United States, all such outstation US citizens can cast their votes by simply following the postcard application process.

What is a Federal postcard application?

The Federal postcard application known as FPCA is a way through which all eligible citizens that are out of the United States can cast their votes. As soon as the FPCA attendee receives the application form from you, they will dispatch the ballot form within a single business day.

The FPCA can be used as an absentee application or even as a registration form.

When using it as an absentee application, you will need to suffice with the following information and details.

  • Add your first name and last name in the first place.
  • Include your date of birth and also your middle name, suffix, and previous name if any.
  • Including your gender is an optional choice.

When the FPCA is used as a registration form, the below process will need to be followed.

  • There is a need to add the identification number or your driver’s license number.
  • Include the last four digits of the SSN (social security number) when filling out the Federal postcard application.
  • For those who don’t have any SSN, you must mention the same in the section 6 box.
  • Include the last residing address when you were in the United States previously.
  • Add your photo ID, contact details, and mailing address, and also incorporate your current residence address.
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federal postcard application

Who is Eligible for Federal Postcard?

Eligibility criteria would mean identifying the conditions wherein you can apply for the FPCA.

  1. When you are a US citizen posted on military duty outside the US.
  2. If your spouses and children too are outside the US, they too can send their FPCA to cast their votes to execute their voting rights.
  3. Individuals who are US citizens and stay out of the country either temporarily or permanently.
  4. If you are a US citizen and have never lived in the US, you too can send in your votes through the FPCA process.

What are application requirements?

The Federal postcard application will need the following requirements to get fulfilled.

  1. You will need to enter your contact details including your email address, telephone number and also your fax number if any apart from your mailing address.
  2. The last US address where you resided must also be added.
  3. Your present address needs to go into the application.
  4. Driver’s licenses and social security numbers are also a must for those who wish to cast their votes through FPCA.

How to fill out Federal postcard application?

You can download the FPCA and fill it out manually before sending it back to the address of correspondence.

Find the online application link here and start the application process.

  • Agree to the Privacy Act Statement by clicking on the Accept checkbox.
Federal post card
  • Choose your voting state or the state of your residence from the dropdown.
Federal postcard application
  • Add the jurisdiction of your state before clicking on the next tab.
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online Federal postcard application
  • Cite the reason for requesting the absentee ballot information details. In short, you will have to define the reason why you seek the ballot.
Ballot FPCA
  • Include your name details, telephone, fax and email details.
FPCA online apply
  • Add your social security number, and also your driver’s license number. Include your political party details as well.

Complete the application process by clicking on the Next tab to complete the application. There are some other prompts that one will need to address before closing the application form or rather submitting it.


If you live outside the US and wish to execute your voting rights, all you have to do is, ask for the ballot. Once the ballot reaches you, fill it up and submit it to complete the voting process. You can always request the application one day before the election dates.

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