How to find SYEP Application id & Check status? (A Quick Guide)

SYEP (Summer Youth Employment Program) is the largest employment program for country youth. It offers the top employment opportunities to youth which are beneficial for their career success. The career exploration opportunities provided by the SYEP program to youth help them to earn money during this summer season.

The best thing is that the youth & community development department runs the SYEP program. This program helps the youth to find the first job of their career and learn the advanced valuable skills to build up their successful career.

The SYEP program can bring together a diverse pool of candidates to participate in it in more quantity. Employers of this program host the participants without any cost. It means that the youth participate in the SYEP program at no cost.

Through this program, the employers create a group of skilled and inspired youth for future and permanent successful permanent jobs. The various benefits offered by the SYEP program open the way for employers to positively affects their staff development and productivity by hiring talented youth.

If you also want to take a career opportunity from the SYEP program, you should read this guide first.

How to find SYEP Application id?

find SYEP Application id

The SYEP participants are skilled and motivated youth between the ages of 16 and 24. They want to pursue their career in non-profit, private, and public fields.

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If you are also an SYEP participant and want to find the application ID, here are the steps you should follow. If you want to find the application ID of the SYEP program, here are the steps you need to follow

  • ¬†First, you need to visit nyc website to download the application ID and get a copy of it.
  • ¬†Now see the list of authorized SYEP providers on the website and visit any providers to avail of your application ID.

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How to check SYEP application status?

After filling out the application form for the SYEP program, to get the career and interest opportunities, you have to track your application status. Here are some steps you need to follow to check the application status of the SYEP program

  1. Make login to the official site by entering your login and password.
  2. You can get the check status tab.
  3. You must enter your application ID and tap on the check status button.
  4. After tapping on this button, the status of your SYEP application appears on your screen.

Moreover, you can also check the application status of the SYEP program by contacting to authorized SYEP provider.

How long does SYEP Application Process Take?

For the participant or all youth involved in the SYEP program to explore career interests, it is important to know the time taken by the application process in the summer.

The SYEP application process can take six weeks in the summer months of July and August. After filling out the application forms, the participants were selected for the SYEP program based on targeted recruitment and lottery efforts.

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How do I contact SYEP?

If you want to contact the SYEP program team to get information about career and recruitment to get jobs this summer, you can call 1-800-246-4646. You can also call youth to connect at another number, 646-343-6800. Moreover, you can call 311 to get the SYEP program assistance and to fill out the application form further.


To sum it up, the SYEP program is the best employment program that opens the success way of diverse opportunities to youth. It provides enhanced ways for youth to develop their skills and earn money from working in the summer months.

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