How to Apply for Floor is Lava Application? Are You Eligible?

Well, you must be living under a ‘LAVA-ROCK’ if you have not heard of the very famous Netflix show – ‘Floor Is Lava ‘. The drill here is to cross stages of difficulty in a not-so-realistic setup where the floor is constructed of slime-like lava. As a result, it can heat up to a good temperature to make you enough uncomfortable! So, let’s see how you can get there!

How to Apply for ‘Floor is lava’ Application?

floor is lava application

The casting of the thrill and skill-based game is mainly made by calls made by the agencies Backstage, and Project Casting. For the record, these two well-known casting houses are responsible for almost all the casting done on these reality shows now on Netflix.

With that said, the first step is to actively look for the crew of these houses and make casting calls and apply as soon as thoroughly possible because there are already a million fishes in the sea!

If you get a call, make sure to have a team with a story ready to make a mark on their minds. All the team members must be in and around the age bracket of 18 to 55. Have a strong backstory and a clear goal as to why you want to be a part of the game, and the rest is in their hands!

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What are the application requirements?

There are some basic application requirements that you may want to be clear on in order to go through any further discrepancies.

  • Make sure you have a team of 3 people including you who are enthusiastic enough to go and maintain the tempo of the show.
  • Make sure you and your team members have a proper id card without any flaws. Any alterations or flaws found in your identity may get you disqualified.
  • All members should be aged between 18-55.
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Who is eligible for Floor is Lava?

The main eligibility here is to have the mindset to fight, struggle and earn your way out of the show. Others include,

  1. One should not suffer from any chronic illness that may cause the person to be unwell during heavy tasks.
  2. One should have a proper identity proof
  3. One should be able to work and play accordingly in and with the team.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How deep is the Floor is lava?

The depth in the ‘Floor in Lava’ looks like it may have a depth of around 10-12 feet according to objects that are half sinking. But as the outlook seems to be, we assume that the lava can be 14-16 feet deep as when a person drowns, they get almost totally in the depth. So, that is a lot of depth!

What is the floor in ‘Floor is Lava’ made up of?

It is made up of a slime-like liquid that is made to feel like lava by adding the color red to it. It comes from a famous slime- company that gave a very different and unique composition of the slime to make it feel like the real deal.

It is sticky, but will not make you wet. The slime is made to look like it is bubbling to give that extra hint of the ‘lava-like-feel’ with the help of air and effects. It is safe to say that the slime is absolutely safe to play in!

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Where do they film the Floor is lava?

The ‘Floor in lava’ had to be ditched by many production houses because of the mess and chaos it may cause. It is not shot in an old IKEA store building that is not in use in Burbank, California. As the composition of the lava could not be disclosed and is a company secret to maintain the hype, the; floor is lava‘ struggled enough to get a floor! Irony!

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