How to Apply for Global Good fund fellowship Grant?

Global Fund Fellowship was initiated in the year 2012 by Carrie Rich. The vision of the fellowship is to grant financial and human capital to talented and young leaders who want to raise and work on social issues. The fellowship is started for emerging entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators.

Each selected applicant gets a personal coach and a c-suite executive that acts as a mentor for 12 months and provides them coaching and assistance through online modes that are Whatsapp, Skype, and Phone. This fellowship/program is only for that entrepreneur who wants to work for the betterment of society with their business.

There are certain terms and conditions for both the entrepreneur as well as the organization to become a part of this Global Fund Fellowship, to participate in the fellowship a person should visit the official website for complete detail. The company gets many incredible applications so make a strong proposal before applying to the fellowship program.

What is Global Good Fund Fellowship Program?

Global Fund Fellowship Program is a 12-month program where a selected applicant will get a professional coach and a c-suite executive that will be his/her business mentor for a year and will guide him/her about the obstacles in business and growth opportunities.

global good fund fellowship grant

Who is Eligible?

The Global Good Fund has set an eligibility list for the entrepreneur to become a part of this fellowship program. So let’s begin:

  • The first criteria are that the applicant should be under the age of 40 and if the age is 40 or above then he/she has to explain the reason to join this fellowship.
  • Next, the applicant should be running the enterprise for a minimum of 2 years.
  • The individual must have one more full-time working employee.
  • There should not be any fellowship/coaching program joined by the applicants at the time of applying. If there is any fellowship that he/she has applied make sure to write in the form.
  • The applicant should have the authority to take decisions in the company.
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What Are Application requirements?

There are some application requirements that the company has made to get the Global Good Fund Fellowship. Read all the points below for complete detail:

  • The organization can be non-profit, profit, or hybrid.
  • International and domestic organizations can take part in this.
  • There should be a sound business model set by the organization that can scale in the long term.
  • There are a few sectors that the fellowship program focus on:
  1.  Financial Technology
  2. Economic Mobility
  3. Health
  4. Environmental Education

Other sectors are also considered if they have the prospective to make changes in society.

  • The key element of the organization should be to take measurable social changes, whether the organization is a profit, undecided venture, or non-profit.

So these are some of the vital application requirements from the organization, make sure that you have them all before applying to the Global Good Fund Fellowship Program.

How to Apply for Global Good fund fellowship Grant?

There is a straightforward way to apply for the Global Good fund fellowship Grant. Let’s see the steps:

  • The first phase is preliminary questionnaire.
  1. In this phase, the eligibility criteria are checked of the applicant and if it fulfilled then the applicant is moved to the second phase
  • The second phase is the comprehensive application
  1. There are 3 topics that will be asked to record and address.
  • The third phase is the Interview
  1. There will be a video interview of 30 minutes where the candidate will be allowed to invite an attendee.

So this is the application process that the company follows for selection. 


There are ample benefits that a person gets from the Global Good fund fellowship. Some of them are:

  • The person gets first-hand experience from the best professional that guides and takes business and career in the right direction.
  • Confidence escalates when the best business mentors help in taking the right decision.
  • A lot of international knowledge is gained from business mentors.
  • Coaching helps in learning new things and leadership qualities.
  • Will be able to talk confidently with clients, peers, and society due to umpteen knowledge and skills.
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Is a Global Good Fund legitimate?

The Global Good Fund was begin in 2012 and was started by Carrie Rich. There is no such news of scams or fraud that is done by the company now but there is no 100% surety about any company so make sure that a detailed study from the company website and other various sources should be done before becoming part of a company program.

How do I know if a Global Good Fund is legitimate?

To know whether a Global Good Fund is legal or not, a person can check the official website and can also find the applicants that were selected earlier and get in contact with them for complete information.

How much is Global Good Fund?

These are non-profit company that raises money and gives grants to the needy all over the world.

For more information visit the official website of the company. 

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