How to Apply for Global Green Grant Fund Application?

Global Green Grant Fund works as a charitable foundation that gives grants to the communities that are working for environmental causes all over the world. The grants that are generally given are $500 to $5,000. The charitable group works for conservation, sustainability, and environmental justice.

The company has made 14000 grants in 168 countries since 1993 and has distributed more than $100 million. There are major 6 focus areas that are included in the grant. There are multiple awards that are won by the Global Green Grant Fund, 65 of them are the Goldman Environmental Prize that is also known as the Noble Prize of environmental activism.

The funds are usually distributed to communities that are outside the United States and Western Europe. The company provides many advantages along with grants that are they allow them to use the tools that are needed for their work. GGFG listens to the people and then makes an investment for the betterment of society. The foundation gives support to more than 300 projects that are led by women to save the environment and our planet every year.

global greent grant fund application

What is Global Green Grant Fund?

Global Green Grant Fund assists people/communities so that they can save, restore and even transform the environment for sustainable development. This is a charitable group that gives small grants to people who work for environmental causes around the world.

Who is Eligible?

Global Grand Fund has certain eligibilities for applicants to be a part of it or for the grant fund application. These are as follows:

  1. There are total 6 focus areas under which the applicant proposal should fall for a global green grant 
  • Local livelihoods
  • Climate justice
  • Women’s environmental action
  • Right to defend the environment
  • Water and resources
  • Climate justice
  • Healthy ecosystems and communities
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      2.   The advisor should invite and present the grant proposal to the advisory board for screening   

GGF Grant Program Application requirements

There are some application requirements for the GGF Grant program. Let us see all of them:

  • The first key requirement is that the person who is applying must be working on the 6 focus area that is categorized by the company.
  • There should be an advisor that will present the plan to the advisory board. 

So, make sure that you have a great proposal ready and an advisor is a must to tell about the proposal to the board.

Steps to apply for global green grant fund application

There are a few steps that are to be followed to apply for a global green grant fund application:

  • The first step is to make a proposal that contains all the important information and make sure that the proposal covers any of the 6 focus areas.
  • Check the Global Green grant advisor in your area and submit the proposal there.
  • You will get all the new messages/updates about the proposal via email. So keep checking it.

To get more information or clarification, a person can visit the official website.


There are many benefits that the Global Grass Grant Fund provides. Let us see a few of them:

  • The foundation aids legal help to all the people who need advice or want to take legal action.
  • A grant as per need and proposal is given to the needy communities.
  • They help in creating awareness among people so that people understand the changes that are happening to the environment.
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Is Global Green Grant Fund Legit?

Yes, the Global Green Grant Fund is legal and they are helping many communities to save the environment and also help in sustainable development. The company is working since 1993 and till now has made a grant of more than $100 million for the betterment of many grassroots but make sure to visit the official website before making any donation or receiving any grant.

How much is the Global Green Grant Fund?

Global Green Grant gives charity to many people/communities for various environmental issues. These grants are usually between $500 to $5000. The foundation is serving from 29 years and has distributed many dollars for the advancement of the populace.

What are GGF benefit funds for?

Global Green Grant Funds for the people/community who want to aware people about the environmental causes and have made proposals focusing on the 6 key areas for the improvement and sustainability of the environment.

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