How to Apply for HACSB Housing Assistance Application?

HACSB or the Housing Authority of the Country of San Bernardino is a type of housing authority that aims at providing rental assistance to families that have low incomes. Also, this assistance is provided if they fall under the financially insatiable bracket of society.

With that said, the assistance criteria for HACSB are quite different than other housing assistance programs. They provide housing assistance based on the number of rental assistance vouchers or other housing units. Right now the HACSB is not available with the immediate process of housing assistance. As a result, the housing families are selected from the waiting lists which is somewhat a time taking process.

How to Apply for the application?

HACSB provides free applications for the candidates who wish to apply. This program is only for the families that lie under the lower-income bracket. As soon as a candidate applies for the HACSB program, their applications are put up on the waiting list.

housing assistance application

If you wish to apply for the HACSB application then do consider the steps below:

Step 1- Launch any browser on your device.

Step 2- Now head on to

Step 3- After the web portal opens click on “click here to start the application”.

Step 4- Type in your username and password and fill out the application form, and that’s all!

What are Application Requirements?

The requirements to fill out this application are fairly straightforward. First things first, you should not be an immigrant in the country to avail of the benefit of this program nor you should have any criminal background associated. Also, the total gross income of the household must not exceed the federal income limits.

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Who is Eligible?

If you are willing to apply for the HACSB program to avail the benefits that come with it then you should be aware of the eligibility criteria of this rental assistance program. The HACSB provides rental housing benefits to qualified candidates based on the number of rental assistance vouchers. 

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Well here we have the eligibility criteria for the HACSB (Housing Authority of the Country of San Bernardino), you need to qualify all the criteria to receive the benefits of this program.

  1. The family to which the applicant belongs must have the household head, must be of at least 18 years of age, or be a legally emancipated minor.
  1. The household must meet Section 214 requirements for U.S. citizenship and eligible immigration status.
  1. When your application is evaluated for eligibility, a criminal history check is performed on all adults. Although each person’s criminal background is checked for policy compliance, HACSB makes every effort to ensure that its housing programs are accessible. On a case-by-case basis, the circumstances and proof of good faith efforts to address past criminal history will be considered.
  1. Additional eligibility requirements for site-based waiting lists include fulfilling acceptable credit guidelines.
  1. When final eligibility, most households’ total gross annual income must not exceed the federal income restrictions listed below.


The benefits of this program are only for the households that are financially deprived and this will provide them with on-time convenient payments, free inspections, and much more.

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