Apply for Harris Health Gold Card Application 2024

Health is a dire need of every class and group of people. But not all can have Medicaid (low-income groups), Medicare (old people), and Managed care (normal earning individuals) health facilities.

However, those in the normal income group can do their healthcare management thereby leaving out the low economic groups.

Harris county Houston citizens will benefit better from the health facilities available with the acquirement of the Gold card.

What is Harris County Gold Card?

Harris provides financial assistance for the low-income groups of Harris County through the implementation of the Gold card. With the help of this Gold Card, they can also go for the health-related benefits that they and their families might require from time to time.

It is a special arrangement kept in place by the government in Harris County for the uninsured individuals who could not find a suitable health coverage plan for themselves.

It is not a free plan but financial aid comes to those who qualify for the plan in Harris County.

harris health gold card

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility will include the below conditions to get fulfilled.

  1. Residents of Harris County can apply for the card alone. You will need to show your recent or expired documents.
  2. Homeless people or those living with friends and family can go to this facility.
  3. Undocumented immigrants are also eligible to apply.
  4. Provide Medicaid proof, CHIP, Medicare, and other health insurance schemes for the spouse and the individual applying for it.
  5. If you already have Medicare, you must show the Medicare Asset Form as evidence of your recent responsibilities and resources.
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What are Application Requirements?

The application requirements for the Harris Health Gold Card include;

  1. Submit your income amounts and receive the Gold Card under three plans.
  2. Plan 1 is for the ones who fall in 0% to 100% federal poverty level.
  3. Plan 2 goes for the 101%-200% poverty level.
  4. Plan 3 is for those who are between 200-250% poverty level.
  5. One photo ID or two non-photo IDs is a must to produce for you and your spouse.
  6. Provide your residential address proof.
  7. Household income verification details are a must for those who are above 18 years of age.
  8. The relationship between children and their adults is to be shown by the respective households who plan to apply for it.
  9. Gross income in the past 30 days must go into the application details.

Apply for Harris Health Gold Card Application 2024

When applying for Harris Health Gold Card everyone needs to send back their application using the following processes.

  1. Mail back your application
  2. Fax it back to Harris Health
  3. Drop the application at any of the Harris Health eligibility centers.
  • Download the application form or pick a copy from any of the Eligibility centers in Houston.
  • Take up a discount plan and fill out your complete application.
  • Add your name, address, and other such fields.
  • Keep your second copy as a backup.
  • Include your supporting documents in the segments. Add your birth certificates, valid photo identification card, income or paychecks, and residency proof.
  • Add the Medicaid and other letters.
  • Identification is essential for you and your spouse if married.
  • An additional marriage certificate alongwith other documents needs to be added.
  • Find a place where you can apply for the Harris Health- Harris Health System and City of Houston Health Department.
  • Additionally, you can mail your application form:
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P.O. Box 300488

Houston, TX 77230

Next, you can walk into any of the eligibility centers with your application form and other documents.


Benefits of the Harris County Gold Card application include the following;

  1. Primary care
  2. Psychiatry
  3. Counseling
  4. Trauma care
  5. Specialty clinics or same-day clinics
  6. Pharmacy
  7. Counseling
  8. Trauma Care

The hospital process is not free and people will need to pay something but it is not a humongous price.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where do I mail my Harris County Gold Card Application?

There is a single post office where you can mail the Harris County applications and they need to go to the following post box address: P.O. Box 300488, Houston, TX 77230.

How to check application status?

For checking the Harris County application status, you will need to check the Harris Recovery Client Portal. Once individuals file the application and sign in, they can click on the Application Status tab to check it.

The contact client portal support can call at 832-927-4961 for their application status.


People cannot get free treatment but can avail of subsidized treatment. Each of the procedures has a different fixed rate that works toward people from the low-income group. This entire article specifies the complete details for those who wish to apply for Harris Health Gold Card.

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