How to Apply for H&M Job Application Online [2024]?

Looking for a job? Do you want a work culture where you get cash and a lot of learning opportunities? We have found one for you! Exactly. You’re guessing it right. Today’s hot talk is about H&M. Until now, you have been going to H&M to buy fashion accessories. Now you can go there to earn money and call yourself a proud H&M employee. The company is actively looking for energetic individuals to join its teams. Its various branches have a lot of vacancies in different roles so you are going to get one job for sure.

Know everything from applying for the role to getting the job, here in this article.

How to Apply for H&M Job Application?

Follow these steps to apply for an H&M job application.

H&M Job Application
  • Go to the official website of H&M and then visit their career page. You can directly land on the page by clicking here.
  • Use the search filter to find the job according to your category, region, city, or type.
  • Now scroll down and apply for the available positions.
  • Tap on the job role or the apply button to initiate the application process.
  • Sign up with your existing details or create a new account.
  • Click on ‘I Accept’ to agree with the privacy norms.
  • Next, upload your CV. You can also link your Linkedin profile.
  • On the next page, enter personal details like name, country, email, etc.
  • Now fill in the boxes like questionnaire, attachments, education, etc.
  • Check everything carefully and press ‘Submit’.

You have successfully completed the application process. Now, wait for their turn. Meanwhile, you can prepare for interviews and GDs.

What are the Application Requirements?

These are the requirements for the H&M Job application.

  • Keep your personal details like mobile number, email id, and address with you.
  • Prepare a well-designed CV.
  • Craft your cover letter very well that briefly explains your creativity and skills. 
  • Bring a laptop or phone to apply.
  • Stay within excellent internet connectivity. 

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who meets the requirements of the particular job role is eligible for applying. 

The first and 4 most important conditions that should apply to you is that your age should be above 18 years. For some roles, you must be an MBA graduate like for the post of store manager. On the other hand, few others require you to be BA or MA pass out. It really differs from one job post to another. 

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More than educational background they want to see your skills and knowledge during the hiring process. It includes exams, interviews, and sometimes group discussions.

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Salary Details

Before hopping on the job application site, you should know that the company has 6 different brands including Monki, Weekday, H&M, and more. Depending on your job position, country, and subsidiary you are working for, you may have a different salary.

Here we will discuss the salary details of the most common and easily available positions.

Sales Associate

  • As a sales associate, you will earn $10 per hour for walking part-time while $12 per hour for full-time advising. Some experienced individuals also earn $15 every hour. 
  • A sales advisor helps their customers to find products and answer their questions. 
  • It requires a good energy level to move and work for long hours on the floor and even late nights. 

Visual Merchandiser

  • If you are a cashier or visual merchandiser, you have to maintain the overall cleanliness of the store. Like proper bagging of products and showing items as per the policy norms. 
  • You also have to promote sales by motivating customers to buy.
  • The salary can be within the range of $10 to $24 per hour.


  • There are two types of management roles: department manager and store manager. 
  • As a manager, you have to ensure the staff under you is working well. You also have to give proper guidance and training to them. 
  • The salary can vary between $18 to $26 every hour.

H&M Job Benefits

You can check job benefits from their official website. The other way to check whether you are getting the benefits or not is to contact their previous or existing employees. 

We have found that h&m employees enjoy their work roles. As expected, it is all about fast work pace but they never have to come from their eyes with their work-life balance. Be it the management teams or the compensation, the employees always receive more than their expectations. All these reasons are enough to prove that the company is best for you. 

Here are some top job benefits that you can enjoy in the company.

  • They attract you with lavish packages. 
  • You’ll get health insurance which will cover accidents during work, mental health, disability of senses, and death. 
  • Some staffs also receive retirement funds
  • Employee discounts on certain products
  • Bonuses for excellent performance
  • Assistance for adoption
  • Leave for vacations and paid time off
  • Discount on mobile phone plans

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it Hard to get a Job at H&M?

If your qualifications do not match the job criteria then you are making a big mistake by applying at H$M. They will never allow you if you miss some criteria or skills. They get turns of applications from skilled and qualified individuals who are ready to compromise if needed to get in there. Moreover, if you are working properly in research and preparing for an interview then you are creating more chances for yourself. 

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Don’t think that they are sitting to deny your application. They are also looking for individuals like you but they want the most filtered ones. There are more than 800 stores of the companies spread across the globe. Chances of expanding the company also increase by 15% every year. This means they need more and more people to get hired into the team.

So if you want to get in there, APPLY NOW and give your best! 

How to Check H&M Application Status?

You should not expect a quick response from the company because it gets tons of applications every day. It is one of the top fashion industries in the UK as well as in the world so every individual wants to get in there. 

However, you can always check the status of an application if you do not get a response within one month. Go to the job application site and enter the login details which you have created while applying. It will let you check whether your application has been selected for the interview or not. If you have given an interview then you have made it or not. 

The other option is to call their store and try to contact the hiring managers. They may give the most accurate answer. Try to not become too impatient while following up as this will cause a negative impact.

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