Home Affairs Passport Application – How to Apply?

The Department of Home Affairs assists a person to fill out the application form for the passport. 

A person can apply online for the passport application by visiting the online portal or by going to the home affairs office. The applicant should have all the essential documents to apply for the home affairs online passport application. After the successful submission of the application form, a person will get the passport between a week and twenty-one days. This is a quick and uncomplicated procedure. 

The form can be filled out online but an applicant has to visit the branch for the biometric(photograph, fingerprints, and signature). This is obligatory for every applicant who wants to get a passport. Along with this, a fee is also submitted for the application. For any such information or assistance, a person can visit the portal of Home Affairs which has all the details.

home affairs Passport application

Who is Eligible for Home affairs online passport application?

All the persons who accomplish the given list are entitled to the online passport application. Scrutinize all the points.

  • The applicant should be 16 years or more than that.
  • A person who has valid south African identity proof.
  • An applicant who has a letter stating the applicant requires a passport for the trip. 

What documents are required for the Application?

These are some of the documents that are needed for the application. These are as follows:

  • An application form DHA-73 is to be completed.
  • An identity proof both original and a photocopy is to be submitted. A person can also bring a birth certificate or a copy of that. 
  • A form DHA-529 is to be submitted that is for the determination of citizenship.
  • Two colored photographs that comply with the guidelines. 
  • A prescribed fee is submitted. 
  • A consent form is obligatory for all applicants that are minors and have an age that is lesser than 18 years. 
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How to Apply for Home Affairs Passport Application?

A person can easily apply for the Home Affairs Passport Application by following the below-mentioned steps. 

  • First, fill out the application form for DHA 573 at the nearby Home Affairs office. . In case the applicant lives overseas, then a person can go ahead with visiting an embassy or mission.
  • Further, an official Identity proof or a birth certificate is to be submitted.
  • Moving ahead, fingerprints are taken by the officials.
  • Next, ask the officer if the applicant has to bring a passport-size photograph or if the picture will be taken with the new biometric technique only. 
  • Further, a fee of R400 is to be given. 

An applicant can get the passport in approximately 7 to 21 days after applying for the South African Passport.

Contact Details

A person can contact the headquarters of Home Affairs in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa for any query or assistance. Moreover, can call at number that is 012 406 2500. Further, the contact center is in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, and the phone number is 0800 601 190. Additionally, can also mail at [email protected] or can also mail at [email protected]


Can I apply for my South African passport online?

A person can visit the online portal to fill out the application for a South African passport online. 

How can I make a passport appointment online?

A person can take an appointment for the application at the portal and can also look after the branch by checking all the nearby branch offices carefully.

How long does it take to get a passport from Home Affairs, South Africa?

How much is a South African passport in 2022?

A person has to pay R 1200 for a South African passport and applicants that are outside of Mzansi have to pay a premium of 100%. Moreover, for maxi documents, the charges that are to be paid are R 2400. 

Can I go to the passport office without an appointment?

A person has to take an appointment that can be taken by sending an email to the webpage. A person has to send a to [email protected] 

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