How to Apply for a Hot Topic Job Application?

Hot Topic, Inc. is an American-based premium store for counterculture apparel and accessories. It is styled with music and offers several unique tees, pants, and other wearable accessories. Hot Topic is famous for its love and dedication to pop music and culture. It has several music-inspired accessories and apparel for both boys and girls. They have got the most number of band T-shirts like Bauhaus, The Cure, TSOL, and Depeche Mode rock tees. Are you looking to work out there and experience the working style of pop culture? Well, read this article to know how can you get admission to their company.

Hot Topic Application Requirements

There is not so much to provide to the Hot Topic when you are applying for the job. You just need to make sure that you hold the skillsets as asked by the company for the certain job role and abide by the responsibilities. For almost every job for which you are filling up, you would require:

  • Full name
  • Correspondence address 
  • Email Address
  • Resume or CV (professionally built)
  • Portfolio
  • Additional comments describing your work needs and flexible working hours

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility criteria to join the Hot Topic, Inc.

  • At least 16 to 18 years of age 
  • Previous working experience in the retail and clothing sectors
  • Manpower to cope with physical tasks like unboxing, packing, shipping, etc.
  • Good communication skills
hot topic job application

How to Apply for a hot topic job application?

If you are the one who wants their logical minds to combine with the creative ones, then fill-up the form and apply for the position you desire in Hot Topic. To apply for the job application, have a look at the steps below and they will cover all your solutions to it. 

  • Visit the website given below. It is the official website of Hot Topic, Inc.
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  • Click on the  ‘Job Openings’ tab and look out for the work position you are interested in and which is under your work experience.
  • There are many job openings available. Like, Distribution & Operators, Sales & Finance, Information Technology, Marketing, and so on.
  • Click on any one of the options compatible with you and look for the work roles available under that category.
  • Click on the work role you are capable of and wish to take
  • Read the work description, responsibilities, skills required, and job application requirements
  • Provide your details such as Full name, email address, contact number, and portfolio URL. 
  • Attach your resume/CV and agree to the terms and conditions of the website.
  • Once you have successfully applied, you will receive a call or text on the phone number provided by you related to the job application and job recruitment. 

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Hot Topic Job Benefits

This company has made itself a really strong competitor for the other apparel stores because of its ideas and variety of products. With such a great company, come great job benefits for their fellow workers. Let’s see what job benefits are offered in this company.

  • Financial Perks
    • Employee Discount on any product purchased
    • Flexible spending account 
  • Insurance
    • Heath and medical Insurance 
    • Dental and Vision Insurance
    • Paid sick leave
  • Miscellaneous 
    • Paid time off
    • 401(k) plan
    • Flexible schedule
    • Defined Pension Plan for retirement
    • Vacation 

Salary Details

The salary packages are divided according to the work role each individual is performing. The salary is adjudged in terms of per hour, per week, per month, and year. 

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Some of the salary packages of the most popular work roles are stated below:

  • Warehouse Associate

$15.80 per hour

  • Order Picker

$2,035 per hour

  • Stocking Associate

$12.85 per hour

There is no such overtime system in Hot Topic, Inc. but according to the survey, the overtime pay is 1.5 times the hourly rate in the company.


is Hot Topic hiring?

Yes, Hot Topic is hiring. You can apply for a job position by correctly filling up the application form as per the eligibility CR criteria responsibilities to perform.

is Hot Topic a good job?

Yes, hot topic a good job. You get many benefits and perks for the job you perform. You will also gain work experience working under experts and knowledgeable giants.

Does Hot Topic hire at 16?

Yes, the company hires at 16. Not all work roles looks have the minimum age criteria of 16, but many have. It all depends upon the job role you choose.

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