Low-Income Housing for Disabled Adults, Seniors Near me [2024]

It’s not easy to find housing these days in the United States. It is more difficult if you need to provide for people. Even the elderly and disabled family members can have a tough time arranging for their own housing, and it might be quite a work to find housing for disabled adults. If a family finds it difficult to manage or belongs to a low-income group, life can become difficult.

Homelessness can be a risk people need to duel with, if they are a disabled low-income group. Over the past year, all half a million single adults or family heads opting for a shelter home reported having a disability as per the Annual Homeless Assessment Report.

There are different programs meant to sort the lives of families with disabled family members.

What is low-income Housing for Disabled?

housing for disabled adults

Low-income housing for the disabled is a special facility offered to disabled people or families. Most of the housing options available consider disability as a condition for which housing is granted without any expected stipulated waiting time.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Health and Human Service Department (HHS) offer housing facilities to the disabled. Apart from them, there are many state wise programs as well as local and private programs which also offer low-income housing for the household.

If there is a household with a disabled individual, they will have to apply for housing through the local public housing authority (PHA). These include different kinds of apartments and homes like consolidated units, single-room apartments, and clustered apartments for disabled young adults.

How can I get Housing Assistance on Disability?

Find suitable program options which allot housing to the disabled. These programs can either be special programs meant for the disabled or they can also be those that are offered to eant for the disabled or they can also be those that are offered to non-disabled people.

Apart from disability, there are other eligibility criteria that one must fulfill. These include the total income of a household, which may differ slightly between programs. Apart from it, there are several other eligibility criteria that one might need to fulfill.

A detailed application form must be filled out by the individuals if they wish to get enrolled in the program and want housing apartments.

Alternatively, you can also search different databases to find out more about the program. Like through the Accessible Housing Registry, if one tries to run a search, they can use filters like ground floor/elevator units, wheelchair-accessible units, and those units with roll-in showers.

Soon after you apply for disability housing assistance, they will go through your documents and other essential information you provided in the form. They might give you a visit and if they are satisfied, they will approve your request. After approval, you might have to wait up to 3 months to start receiving your home and rental aid.

How to apply for low-income Housing for Disabled?

The application process varies from one program to another for those seeking housing or apartments for disabled young adults. Some programs might not have an online application, while others might not have an offline application process. Some might want you to mail them your documents, while others might want you to attach them to your online application. Overall, despite slight differences, there is still some similarity in the points put forth in an application. Those applications primarily aimed at disabled housing might be more focused than those that are open to all.

A few mandatory segments that, however, will not change from one application to another are being provided in bullet points below when placing application for housing or apartments for disabled young adults.

  • Personal information section, where you will have to mention your and your family’s details.
  • Income-related details will be there in every application. Income-related details will involve your and your family’s annual income from different sources. It includes your job salary, your other sources like savings and bonds and any government aid that you might be getting to manage your household.
  • Your address and mailing details, as well as your contact details, must also go in.
  • Your disability status, where you must be able to prove your disability through some form of reference, either from your doctor or any other healthcare professional. You will also need to state if your disability is long or short-term and would it require further interventions or treatment.
  • You must finally confirm that the information you have provided is true in all respects and add your signatures to it.

Best low-cost housing for Disabled with no waiting list

Low-cost housing programs for getting apartments for disabled young adults or even homes for them generally do not have an elaborate wait time as the authorities try to find them a place as soon as they can for them. Also, those who are facing the risks of eviction will get some protection from the authorities once their application is submitted and until they start receiving assistance.

Here are some low-cost housing options for the disabled, some of which have a waiting list but the list is non-functional for the disabled in many circumstances.

Best low cost housing for disabled with no waiting list
Name of the programProgram DescriptionProgram criteria
The Housing Choice Voucher ProgramIt is the main program helping almost 5 million individuals with over 2.3 million households on an annual basis.When they review your HCV application, they would consider the point under which you mention about your disabled family member. This will lead to less wait time.
Mainstream vouchersAny family having a disabled member aged between 18 and 61 will be considered under this programUnder-62 vouchers are given out under this program scheme.
Non-elderly disabled (NED) vouchersThey resemble the mainstream vouchers closelyTheir target population includes disabled household heads and applications will go through local PHA.
Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA)This program intends to provide shelter to the population living with HIV/AIDSThe program partners with different housing agencies and nonprofit organizations to provide housing to different individuals.
Supportive Housing HUD Veterans VA (VASH) vouchersThey are dedicated to supporting the US military veterans who are facing the risk of homelessness or are right now homeless for varied reasons.The program operates under the Veterans Affairs Department and has to date provided housing for almost 100,000 eligible veterans.
Alternative Housing Voucher ProgramPeople to whom the program is available are primarily the disabled groupOne cannot be an elderly disabled but a group that does not fall under the elderly category.
No Wrong Door (NWD)The program runs as a collaboration between the ACL, Medicaid and Medicare Service Center and the Veteran Affairs DepartmentIt supports older people, people with disabilities and also provides for their families.
The ArcA national organizationIt helps people with developmental and intellectual disabilities
Administration for Community Living (ACL)It provides funds to a number of different housing programsThey help in moving disabled individuals and families out of large institutional areas and putting them into suitable smaller settings. They also aid in providing a link between programs and agencies.
Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities programThey provide subsidized rental housing options for the disabled individualsThis program is for very low and low-income adults who are living with any form of disability.

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HUD low-income housing for disabled adults

The Section 811 Supportive Housing for adults with Disabilities program offers fair housing options to the disabled in low-income groups. Individuals who are older than 18 years and less than 62 years will be able to apply for disability housing assistance programs.

HUD low-income housing for disabled

As per section 811, any individual or a family with a single disabled member would fall in the low-income household category for disabled individuals.

Disability as per Section 811 is defined if it fulfills one of the following definitions;

  • Any physical, mental or emotional disability which will stay for a long period.
  • A condition that prevents an individual from living an independent life
  • If proper housing conditions could improve one’s living conditions changing it drastically.

The Section 811 housing options will include any of the following housing types;

  • Rental housing for many families: In any building, from 2011 onward, only 25% of it would be available for disabled people. Housing units where separate units are available for many families.
  • Group Homes: A group home can house no more than 8 disabled people together. In such cases, the housing can include double or single-occupancy bedrooms.
  • Living facilities that are independently built: Any housing unit that has a separate kitchen, bathroom and living rooms or bedrooms under one unit is a single wholesome facility that one can enjoy. They can either be located in clustered units or be a part of scattered sites as well.
  • Condominium projects: Each of the residents can have a separate kitchen, bathroom, and room for themselves. But unlike independent living facilities, condominium housing options are capable of housing many disabled people under one roof but with better living facilities.

If you wish to apply for disability housing assistance, you need to do so online. Online applications are available at this link.

You can apply for Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers or even for the 811 mainstream vouchers; both serve you well.

Section 811 mainstream vouchers will be given to those non-elderly individuals who fall into the below categories.

  • Those moving out of an institution
  • Those having a high risk of institutionalization.
  • Homeless individuals
  • People at risk of being homeless

To fill out the applications, you will need to complete two in the process.

  1. Initial program eligibility determining application.
  2. A formal HUD application

The applications cannot be filled out online or offline independently, but only through a sponsoring agency.

  • Fill in your personal information
  • Add details about your income
  • Incorporate information around your earnings
  • Details of your disability and also proofs around your disability
  • Include conditions of homelessness, or institutionalization or at risk of eviction in the given columns.
  • Add your family member’s details and provide all information around it.
  • If you have a low-income and fall in the 30% income range.
  • Include the list of all those houses where you lived as a tenant. Include the addresses and list the owner’s details of all these houses.
  • Accept their terms and conditions and also provide your signatures.

Social security disability housing assistance

Social security disability housing assistance

Social security disability housing assistance is not such a program. Under social security benefits, disabled individuals can use it as an income source, but they do not provide people with any housing options.

But there is a tagged advantage to it, and that is if you are receiving SSDI or SSI benefits, you are then protected by the Fair Housing Act of the Federal Government. Under this law, you can never be denied the right to purchase any disability apartments for rent or private property with disability as the cited reason.

Those who are covered under SSI or SSDI can although apply for disability housing assistance under any of these below programs.

1. HUD Housing Option

Also, those who get the benefits of SSI or SSDI income can go for the HUD Housing options. Under it, the tenant needs to pay only 30% of the total rent if taking disability apartments for rent. But still, there could be a long waiting time even for people with disabilities.

Thus, you could also explore other programs if you are family with a disabled member or a disabled individual.

2. National Housing Trust Fund

They offer housing to extremely low-income groups and also to non-elderly disabled individuals and families.

With the housing assistance, they also provide utility expenses covered by LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program).

3. Section 811 (Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities)

Under this program, disabled individuals are helped to stay as independently as possible in-home units. For those who are severely disabled, the program even offers a payment towards the cost of living for an individual who agrees to live in a group home.

Emergency housing assistance for disabled

These are the three options and people can apply only if they are on the verge of homelessness or are currently homeless. If you facing risk of institutionalization you can apply for emergency housing assistance even then. Other than that, emergency housing options are not available under any other circumstances.

emergency housing assistance for disabled
  • For Emergency Housing assistance program, being a disabled individual, you must call Homeless Coordinator please call (866) 584-0653.
  • Different states have separate emergency housing options and if you want to get emergency housing, you can call those numbers for a better understanding of what is possible.
  • You can also request the local public housing authorities (PHA) emergency housing assistance help centers provide you with an application form.
  • Also apply for Family Gateway programs which allow emergency housing in various localities. Try to find out if they operate in your area, and if they do, quickly fill out their online application. They offer emergency shelter and supportive housing options for the disabled.
  • Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program where homeless people or those at the risk of eviction can apply for a grant that can quickly stabilize their position.
  • Emergency rental Assistance program: If you want to be a part of the emergency rental assistance program, you will need to meet the eligibility requirements. This program provides you with funds that you can use to pay your rent.

PHA disability housing application

Those who wish to apply for Public Housing Agency (PHA) application; you must know the different kinds of application you can put forward.

  • Common Housing Application is available in different states and you can fill in their application by approaching the local authorities. Only to a single LHA, you will need to send it even if you have applied to a different LHA.
  • Congregate State Aided Elderly/Handicapped Public Housing for shared living options is also provided by the state. Those who wish to live with roommates can start using this kind of housing options.

Mail the application or deliver it to your Local Housing Authority Address. A separate housing authority application must go to each one you wish to send in your applications to. After they add your information to their list, they will provide you with a receipt.

The following documents are essential to applying for any of the above two programs.

  • State your present housing situation
  • Enter your present residence or the name of the city where you are employed
  • Add your disability and even veteran details.
  • Your income proofs which need to be 80% below the area median income.

The Public Housing application provides applications for family/handicapped as well as for the Alternative Housing Voucher Program (AHVP). You can also contact your local authority for subsidized apartments by the federal government, Section 8 vouchers, MRVP and National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) Section 8 program application if you are handicapped or disabled.

Low-income housing for disabled adults

low income housing for disabled adults

There are not many sole disability housing options and there are those that provide housing options to both disabled and normal individuals below a certain income level.

Thus disabled individuals have more housing options like;

1. HUD Voucher programs

This is a government aid and has a long waiting list where people are expected to wait for 2 to 3 years. However, there is a chance that if your disability needs urgent care then they might be able to help you quicker than others.

2. Housing Choice Voucher Program

If and when selected, you will get housing choice vouchers valid for four months. With these vouchers, you can pay 70% of your rent amount while the remaining 30% will have to be paid by you.

3. Mainstream Vouchers

They follow the same housing choice voucher rules and work for non-elderly disabled individuals.

4. VASH Vouchers

Veterans are supported using these vouchers and through them they can easily gain a proper home if they are homeless or at an advanced risk of homelessness.

5. HOPWA Program

It covers AIDS/HIV people and their disabilities providing a safe, clean and good environment for better sustenance.

6. Administration for Community Living (ACL)

People with disabilities can find safe housing with the ACL members easily.

7. The Arc

They provide detailed guidance on every aspect of housing and can be a good place to begin when searching for a home.

8. No Wrong Door (NWD)

It is an organization where you can find safe housing options. All you have to do is visit their home page to find out more about their contact details to get in touch with them for better prospects.

9. Several non-profit organizations:

They also provide shelter homes and independent housing options for the disabled in every city. You can connect them and make appropriate arrangements to meet your urgent needs. Some of the functional ones are given here. However, not all function everywhere and if you want to know which ones do in your area, you will either have to search online or find a local agent who can do so on your behalf.

  1. Builders of Hope
  2. CASA (Community Alternatives for Supportive Abodes)
  3. Downtown Housing Improvement Corporation (DHIC)
  4. Firm Foundations
  5. Habitat for Humanity
  • National providers;
  • Enterprise Community Partners: They offer affordable housing with several different organizations.
  • AARP Housing Choices: It brings descriptions of housing choices for older individuals as well as disabled ones.
  • Disability.gov: It links federal, state and local agencies for housing and other options.
  • National Housing Conference: They offer decent housing to all in the entire of America.

10. Affordable Housing Institute

It’s for growing affordable housing communities worldwide and can help you in several different ways.

Low-income housing for seniors with disabilities

Low-income housing for seniors with disabilities

Low income housing for disabled seniors can be a devastating scenario for many. Thus, if you wish to know more about the housing options available to seniors who are disabled, you need to refer the below table.

Program NameType of programOffers to the disabled seniors
Housing Choice Voucher ProgramLow-income housing for disabled seniors as rental assistanceOffers safe, decent, and independent living options to the seniors
Shelter Plus Care / Permanent Supportive Housing for Persons with DisabilitiesSupport homeless individualsThe program offers support services to homeless individuals
Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) programIdentify sheltered and unsheltered people for disabled seniorsThose at risk of homelessness get help to regain stability quickly

Low-cost housing for women with disabilities

Even though there are many women out there with disabilities and in need of a home, it appears that except for a few charities and non-governmental organizations, there are not many distinctive programs available solely to promote women housing.

Every woman has to apply in the same way as men or families with disabilities to get through different federal, state and local available programs. Section 8 programs apart, the programs defined above provide regular housing options to single disabled women or those with families.

Low-income housing for disabled adults in states

Low income housing for disabled in states

Here is an in-detailed view of all the available rental low-income housing for disabled adults available in different states as given below.

In Florida

You find a lot of low-income housing for disabled adults options in Florida as provided in the table below.

Type of ProgramNature of ProgramProgram characteristics
Public HousingOpen to all as a Federal programThe program is for all including the disabled individuals
Public Housing AgenciesThey too offer suitable options to those who want Federal helpDisabled families and individuals can look for help with these people
Housing Choice VouchersThe most popular program in all parts of the USUnder this program low-income disabled families or individuals can get a voucher that can help them with 70% of the monthly rent.
Mainstream vouchersThey are meant for non-elderly disabled individualsIf you meet the disability an low-income criteria, you can get good housing assistance with them
Designated Housing VouchersThe program is same as the Mainstream vouchers and provides assistance to those who need it as disabled non-elderly individualsThe households are chosen from selected standard HCV waiting lists.
Developmental VouchersThese are developmental vouchersIt is given to caregivers who can take a break and give their responsibility to someone else.
HOPWA program offersThis program brings help to the AIDS/ HIV patientsLow-income individuals can find fair choices if they suffer from HIV/AIDS related diseases or even disabilities
Down Payment Assistance ProgramLocalized programs available statewide and nationwide.Most of these programs are extremely localized and to get to them you need to follow up with them. You can use the amounts to mitigate your down payment risks when buying a home.
Dollar HomesA Federal program that allows Americans to purchase homes for just one dollarThey take homes that cost no more than $25000 and sell them to low-income groups for just $1. They give priority to low-income disabled people and one will need to choose a home from the options available on their site.
USDA Rural Development ProgramThe program offers homes to the disabled in FloridaRural areas get help to buy or build a home if they have disabled family members
Our Florida rental assistance programThe program is meant to relieve individuals of their rental burdenWhen found eligible they can take off your entire burden and pay for your complete rent.
The Emergency Rental Assistance ProgramThis comes as part of the COVID relief.Those found eligible can have funds in their account which can be used to pay their rent.
Section 811 Rent and Housing Assistance for Disabled PeopleTo provide living expenses for the disabledAffordable housing options are provided by them when a parson qualifies for their program

In Sacramento CA

Those in Sacramento CA can avail themselves of the following program benefits for housing for disabled adults.

Type of ProgramNature of ProgramProgram characteristics
HUD ProgramThose who prefer to be part of the Federal program can participate with themYou can get housing options with them and if you have disabled individuals in your family, you can get early housing benefits with them
Affordable Rental HousingIf you need housing, you can look into their housing list to understand what suits you best.Locate the best housing options from the list and they are all categorized under affordable housing.
211 SacramentoDial 2-1-1 or call their toll-free numbers like 1-916-498-1000 or 1-844-546-1464 (toll-free)They can guide you to warm shelters and good affordable housing options.
CADAA self-support group that works forward to bring together the best.This group works to provide self-reliant and self-sufficient units to everyone.
State Tax Credit Allocation CommitteeThey provide private capital investment and provide development of affordable rental housing for Californians.Allocating federal and tax credits is the option which in return supports allocation of low-income apartments to those in need.
Dollar HomesPurchase a home with just one dollarBuying homes at $25000 and renting it out to the low-income group at $1 is what this group is doing right now.


You can avail of the following programs if you need support with housing for disabled adults in New Jersey.

Type of ProgramNature of ProgramProgram characteristics
NJ Department of Human ServicesYou can find affordable housing options with them on their page on the websiteIf you wish to find out more about their requirements, you can turn to their page. If you are low-income and have disabilities, you can always fill out their application form.
The Supportive Housing Association of New JerseyThey in collaboration with New Jersey Council of Developmental Disabilities provide a road map to all those who are in need of affordable housing.They have a housing hub where you can find affordable housing options.
HUD HousingUnder this Federal plan, you will get access to making applications.When making applications, you need to fulfill the low-income criteria and also the disability criteria for finding an affordable housing.
Section 811 Supportive Housing for people with disabilities programSubsidized apartments are provided by themOne needs to either have a physical/mental/developmental disability and the household can only make 50% of the AMI.
Department of Human ServicesThose with a visual disability or any of the mental health issues can use this housing facilityIndividuals with major developmental disabilities must be at least 21 years old.
Supportive Living Apartment ProgramThose families that live together and need staff assistance.Such home supervision can be extremely beneficial to disabled patients.
Community Access Unlimited (CAU)Those who stay in rented homes and community apartments.People with disabilities and low-earning can benefit immensely.

In Atlanta GA

Find the housing for disabled adults details here for Atlanta GA.

Type of ProgramNature of ProgramProgram characteristics
Haven ProgramThose with developmental concerns or health concerns can apply with themThey have assisted more than 2000 families and are willing to assist more from the low-income disabled group.
HomeFlex for Supportive HousingAllows project based subsidiesHelps property developers and owners to provide housing to all
VASH vouchersHUD in partnership with Atlanta Veterans AffairsIt provides permanent housing options to disabled as well as normal individuals.
FLOW (pilot)Atlanta Housing provides help for people to move out.The program is meant to provide tenant-based housing to those who wish to move from permanent supportive housing to stable housing options
Housing First (pilot)With this program, previously homeless people can find stable housing.Disabled low-income housing is possible with their Housing First model.
Single Room Occupancy (SRO)They provide multiple single room occupancy optionsThrough Housing Choice Voucher program, many people can share a single room.
Home AgainThe program finds people options to deal with local setbacks.They offer stable housing options along with fair options for rent, utilities, and deposit facilities.
Homeless Students Special Voucher programThose students without a home can rely on this programStudents in public schools can get access to proper housing through the Atlanta Housing options.
Gardens at CollegeTownIt is for those with mental health disabilitiesAssisted living option is provided.
Mainstream ProgramDisabled Individuals can get priorityBoth elderly and non-elderly can get help if they fall in the disabled group.

In Columbus Ohio

Programs primarily in Columbus Ohio for getting housing for disabled adults are given below in the table.

Type of ProgramNature of ProgramProgram characteristics
Developmentally Disabled (ADD) & Hattie Larlham Central Ohio Services AssociationThose with intellectual and developmental disabilitiesThey can not only get homes but also can get training facilities, recreational and home care facilities with them.
Columbus Center for Human Services (CCHS)They offer a range of services to the disabled youth including apartments for disabled young adultThey also offer stable housing options.
Creative HousingAffordable housing for disabled peopleThose who need housing must contact their service coordinators
ECHOThey help people find the right housing.Alongwith other options, they also provide housing options.
Long-Term Care HomesYou can get good care with their facilitiesYou need to contact the local provider by visiting their sites.
Ohio 811 ProgramIt is the Federal program operating to provide low income housing to the disabledThose who meet the eligibility requirements can get to low-income housing options easily with them.
Housing Choice Vouchers (HUD Section 8)Low-income families with disabilities need to applyIf they qualify they will get access to vouchers which will pay off 7% of their rent.

In Austin TX

Those in Austin TX can find help with housing for disabled adults using the table below.

Type of ProgramNature of ProgramProgram characteristics
Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher ProgramProvides rental assistance optionsThose with disabilities can easily qualify for the program if they fall in the low-income group.
Vacancy ClearinghouseThey assist people with finding the right houseYou can locate a low-income apartment in your area by following with them.
Texas Low Income Housing Information ServiceThey have a mission to support low-income Texans.They offer housing at an affordable rate.
HUD websiteHere those who wish to apply can do so by filling up their application formLow-income housing groups can benefit more if they have a disabled member with them.
Housing Authority of the City of Austin’s (HACA’s)Use this tool to find more about affordable housingSearch with this link and you can find the different housing options easily.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there housing assistance for disabled in Florida?

If you are in Florida and searching housing for disabled adults, you must know they too have them. Yes, you can get homes under the following government and private program options which include;

  • Public Housing
  • Public Housing Agencies
  • Housing Choice Vouchers
  • Mainstream vouchers
  • Designated Housing Vouchers
  • Developmental Vouchers
  • HOPWA program offers
  • Down Payment Assistance Program

What is the largest low income housing government program in the United States?

The tenant based HUD Housing Choice Voucher program is the most widely popular housing program run by the government and is successfully providing housing for disabled adults to many. Under this program, once the voucher is provided to you, it will be valid for four months during which you need to find a home that will accept those vouchers. Such a program is preferred as it allows people to find their own homes and that way adds up to their convenience and comfortability factors.

What kind of housing option should be available to people who have low income?

Housing for disabled adults programs offering subsidized living are the best program offers. There are many positive outcomes of it including;

  1. It helps people save money spent on rent
  2. They are often in safe areas with several conveniences around
  3. They have different amenities that can better your housing experience.

Apart from that, you can also find lot of benefits with Section 8 housing, and public housing.

What is disabled as defined by HUD?

Individuals with any mental or physical disability which limits their day-to-day activities severely fall under the disability definition put forth by HUD. Individuals who have such impairment records and those who have any such impairment are known for their disability.


Here’s what you need to know about housing for disabled adults when either living single or with families. If you want to know which ones would suit you best, you must go through all the available options. For disabled individuals, it is hard to get through life and living. If you know someone right now who needs help with housing, you can read all of it from here and help out such individuals in your own way.

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