How to Check Housing is Key Application Status?

What is the housing key application portal?

The portal for the “Housing is key application” is a COVID-19 Rent Relief Program. This portal is made to provide help in rental assistance. The rent that is covered in this housing is key portal is all the due rent till April 2020 and all the utility bills for the same time period. The applications are different for every state so ensure that you have selected the correct state before moving ahead with submitting the application form. 

The applications are usually approved within the time period of three to six weeks so a person can check the application status after this time period. Once the application is approved, the funds should reach within 15 days and in case the applicant does not get it then a person can call or visit the housing key nearby office.

How to check housing is key application status?

Housing is Key Application Status

In case you are the one who has applied for the housing is key application. Then check the application date and if the time period is already crossed three to six weeks then it is better to check the status of the application. But if the time period is less then wait as there are many applications and it takes time to review the applications.  

A person can check the status here. Moreover, a person can also ask for additional support. A landlord cannot ask the tenant to go out of the house for the period when rent assistance was given even if the tenant has failed to give rent.

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Check to Housing is key application status with phone number

There is one more alternative to see the application status of the housing is key application. The individual can ask for customer care assistance by calling the number 833-430-2122. There are many other options also to know about the application status in case you are not able to reach them via a call, a person can try those alternatives to connect them. 

Housing is key application status paid “Meaning”

Housing is a key is started so that it can provide assistance to both landlords and low-level rentals in an emergency. It helps them in the disbursement of 100% rent and other utility bills. In case the landlord is getting rental assistance then they cannot throw out the tenant for non-payment of rent. 

The meaning of the housing is key application status paid is that the funds have been disbursed and will reach you soon. In case the applicant’s landlord does not get the funds within 15 working days then it is better to visit the office or make a call to customer care and ask them for the possible reasons for the fund’s delay. 

Housing is a key application denied “Solution”

Housing is key is a program that provides rent assistance to numerous landlords and tenants but there are certain conditions. As not everyone is given aid, only people who have a low income and fit the eligibility criteria of the program are included.

If the application for housing is key application is denied then the “solution” is :

  • There will be a link at the bottom if a person has given a wrong address or anything incomplete then a person can click on that to reapply.
  • An individual can call customer care and ask them the possible reason for the application denial and find the possible solution to reapply.
  • A person can also mail them and request them to review the application again as you do not have money and tell them how much you need it. 
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Application under review “Solution”

In case the application status of the application is under review then the “Solution” is:

  • An individual can visit the application center of the housing is key.
  • A person can call customer care at 833-430-2122. 
  • The applicant can also mail at the housing is key official mail address and ask them why the status is under review for such a long time. 

Housing is key application status recapture “Meaning”

The application status of the Housing is key is showing recapture. This means that the landlord can possibly recapture the place as soon as the renting tenure finishes. This implies that the tenant has to evict the house in case he/she is not paying the rent to the landlord. The landlord is given full right that they can throw the tenant out of their house if the tenant is not capable of paying rent to him/her. 


How long does it take to approve a housing is key application?

The time duration that is generally taken for the approval of housing is key application is three to six weeks. Once the application is reviewed then the authorities give the response to it and update the application status.

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