How to Apply for INEC Adhoc staff Recruitment 2024 application?

The Independent National Electoral Commission was initiated in the year 1998. This is basically an electoral body that works for the overseas elections held in Nigeria. All the functions performed by the INEC can be seen on the INEC website. There are a plethora of duties that are conducted by the  Independent National Electoral Commission. A person needs to fulfill the eligibility list to become a part of this commission. This is a highly qualified position for the applicants. So scrutinize all the details carefully to avoid any sort of error and ensure to submit the form within the specified dates. 

The application form for the INEC Recruitment 2024 is available online. An applicant can open the online portal of the INEC for registering for the application form. All the details are mentioned below about the INEC staff recruitment 2024 application. The process to complete the form is uncomplicated and is done in minimal time. Just read all the vital information carefully to avoid any sort of complications in the application form. 

A few of the mandatory application requirements must be fulfilled to apply for the position. For instance, working experience will be a plus point to get the job. Moreover, an applicant who has done a master’s degree in science will be given an opportunity to be a part of the INEC Adhoc staff member.

inec adhoc staff recruitment

How to Apply for INEC Adhoc staff recruitment 2024 application?

Follow these simple and quick steps to apply for the INEC Adhoc staff recruitment 2024 application:

  • At first, an applicant needs to open the online portal and locate the application.
  • Then, the application requirements need to be scrutinized carefully.
  • Further, register and follow the details mentioned.
  • An applicant needs to make a strong password for further login.
  • Next, fill out the application form and add all the personal, professional, and other obligatory details. 
  • A scanned passport-size photograph is needed to be submitted.
  • All the referral details need to be deposited.
  • Now, the applicant needs to review all the information once again before the final submission.
  • Finally, the submission of the application form is completed.
  • An applicant can also go ahead with the printout of the INEC application.
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If you still feel difficult to fill out the application online you can follow this guide.

What are Application Requirements?

There are some application requirements that are required to be fulfilled to apply for the INEC Adhoc. Let’s see the list below:

  • It is obligatory that the candidate is a  citizen of Nigeria.
  • The applicant should know the working of the computer. 
  • For the entry-level positions, the age of the applicant should not be above 35 and for the jobs that require experience, the age should not be more than 45.
  • The applicant should be physically and mentally fit and certification is required from the certified government medical officer. 
  • It is mandatory that an applicant should submit a document of origin(state). The secretary or chairman of the local government must attest to the document. 

INEC Adhoc Staff Eligibility

There is a list that an applicant must qualify to apply for the INEC Adhoc Staff position. These are mentioned below:

  • The applicant should have done a master’s degree in the listed science disciplines. 
  • A discharge certificate from NYC is needed.
  • The applicant should be a lecturer at the federal territory institution. 
  • Professional work experience is needed.
  • An applicant can be of any gender. 
  • The age of the applicant for the entry-level positions should be below 35 of age. For the experienced positions, the applicant should not be more than 45.
  • Computer knowledge is mandatory for the applicant.
  • The applicant who wants to go ahead with the position must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • The candidate has to provide a document of origin. The chairman or the secretary should attest to the certificate.
  • A working email address and mobile number are needed.
  • From a certified medical officer, it is essential to have a medical and physical test done. An applicant has to provide a medical report also.
  • A criminal record of the applicant will not be accepted
  • The candidates should be willing to pursue their careers in a new environment.
  • A government-issued Identity card is a must such as a driving license, passport, voter card, or National Identification Card. 
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How to do INEC recruitment portal login

To login the online portal of the INEC recruitment an applicant needs to follow these instructions:

  • First, the applicant needs to open the portal of INEC
  • Now, it is required to sign up. For the activation check the registered email address.
  • Further, the applicant needs to tap the activation link. Please check the spam folder also.
  • Once the email address is confirmed, an applicant will be directed to the official INEC website to view the application information.
  • After the details are reviewed, the applicant can submit the application.

How to download application form?

To download the application form. Monitor all the steps to finish the process quickly. Let’s see at the below-mentioned points. 

  • Firstly, an applicant has to visit the INEC portal
  • Further, locate the form on the INEC website
  • The form will be visible in PDF form.
  • Finally, download the PDF form.


How to register for INEC Adhoc staff?

The INEC Adhoc staff can get themself registered at the online portal of the INEC Adhoc.

How much are INEC Adhoc staff paid?

The staff of the INEC Adhoc gets an annual salary of somewhere between ₦1,060,833 to ₦2,101,600. 

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