How to Apply for IRS EIN Application (Step by Step)?

EIN stands for Employee Identification Number also called FEIN which is Federal Employee Identification Number or Federal Tax Identification Number. This is basically a nine-digit unique number that is given by the Internal Revenue Service. This EIN number is allotted to the business person who is working in the United States. The purpose of this unique number is identification. This number is generally used for reporting employment taxes. When a person uses this number for identification then it is called Taxpayer Identification Number(TIN). 

Employee Identification Number (EIN) is not given to all as there are some eligibility criteria and certain requirements that are obligatory to get this number. A person gets an EIN number generally in 24 hours but it may delay due to uncertainties. The allotted number is registered in permanent records of the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) in around 2 weeks and the official documents are sent via mail. Till the time the number is not registered a person cannot file a tax return. 

The EIN number is not required by all businesses that have employees working under them. There are some other aspects that are also needed to be determined. In case you are not sure if you require an EIN number or not. A person can check the IRS guidelines. Ensure that a person keeps an eye on the official website and applies for the EIN number if he/she comes under the eligibility list. 

How to get an IRS EIN application form online?

Getting an IRS EIN application form is quite easy and in just a few steps. Let’s see them carefully:

  • Firstly, check the IRS website.
  • Further, there will be 3 columns that are eligibility criteria, comprehend the application form, and submit the application form. 
  • Next, scrutinize the information.
  • Additionally, tap on “Apply Online Now” and your application form is here.
  • Now, “Submit” the application after adding all the obligatory details.
irs ein Application form

Steps to apply for an IRS EIN application

  • To start with open the official website
  • Now, scrutinize all the eligibility criteria and comprehend the application
  • Further, tap on “Apply Online Now”
  • Next, read the page and tap on “Begin Application”
  • A person will be directed to a page asking about the type of legal structure, select any of it that is apt for you and tap “Continue” 
  • Additionally, a few questions will be asked as per the chosen type. Answer them and tap “ continue after every question”
  • At last, when all the questions are answered just click on “Submit” 
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The application form for the IRS EIN is completed and waiting for a response. 

IRS EIN Application Requirements

There are a few vital requirements to get the Employee Identification Numbers for a business. These are as follows:

  • The business should have employees working in it.
  • The firm should work as a corporate or in partnership.
  • Keogh plan is a must for a business.
  • The business must be involved in numerous types of organizations but that should not be limited to estates, trusts, or any non-profit firm. 
  • The business must files employment, excise, or alcohol, tobacco, and firearms tax returns. 


There are some prerequisites that are set by the IRS to give Employee Identification Numbers to businesses. Let’s see them in detail:

  • The applicant who is applying for the EIN number must have the main business working in the United States or in the territories of the U.S.
  • The candidate should have an authentic Taxpayer Identification Number(TIN, SSN)
  • A person is eligible for a single EIN per day per responsible party.
  • A responsible party means an individual that is the ultimate owner or who entirely controls the entity or a person who has effective control over the business. If the applicant is not from a government entity then the party who is responsible should be an individual, not an entity. 

Application Fees

There are no fees charged on the Employee Identification number by the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). So, ensure that you do not get into any kind of fraud or pay any amount to get yourself registered for filing tax returns. 

How long does the Application Process Take?

An individual can get the Employee Identification number within 24 hours of application. This is a standard time but it may increase in case of any mishappening. A person receives the official documents via mail from IRS within the time period of two weeks. Till the time a person does not get the official documents, he/she cannot apply for the tax returns. If the applicant has applied for the EIN number only then he/she gets an instant Employee Identification number. 

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How to check IRS EIN application status online?

An individual can check the IRS Employee  Identification number with these quick four steps. Let’s dive:

  • To begin with, open the application form and locate the order number.
  • Further, visit the GovDocFilling website and then tap on the “Check Order Status”
  • Now, add your order number and the registered email address 
  • Finally, the current status is visible on the screen.


How much does an EIN number cost?

There are no charges deducted for getting an EIN number. This service is being offered by the Internal Revenue Service to businesses with zero amount.

Can I get an EIN number instantly?

A person should apply for the EIN number early so that he/she gets the number at the time of filing a return or making any deposit. However, the applicants can get the EIN number instantly if they have applied for an online service.

How do I get a free EIN number from the IRS?

A person needs to have an Individual Tax Identification Number or a Social Security Number to get a free Employment Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service.

What information is needed to apply for an EIN online?

The company has to provide some essential information to apply for an EIN online that is:

  • The type of company.
  • Why do you need an EIN number.
  • Authentication will be taken.
  • Address of the business.
  • All other obligatory details.
  • Confirmation for the EIN number.

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