Jack Kent Cooke scholarship Application – How to Apply?

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship is a program that is for undergraduate scholarship. This program is basically for the needy who need finances for their further studies. An applicant can choose the course and the university of his/her choice. There are innumerable universities from where the applicant can select his/her four-year course. 

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation presents the scholarship. The foundation commits scholarships to all the students who are eligible and have a passion for learning but do not have enough funds to pursue the undergraduate course. 

Out of a total 93 percent of scholarship students have chosen the course from the top U.S. universities and colleges. Additionally, the students that were part of the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship have got a 3.86 school GPA. Moreover, more than three fourth percent of students also took part in community services while getting great scores in their courses. 

Who is Eligible for Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship?

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

There are some particulars that are important to getting the Scholarship. So, let’s dive:

  1. The applicant must have a plan to do graduation from the U.S. high school during the spring. 
  2. A GPA score of 3.5 is a must to earn.
  3. The candidate has to show their income.

Each and every application is checked in detail. There is a selection process to get the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. So let’s see:

  • The candidate should have great academics and the caliber to achieve outstanding scores. 
  • The applicant must have the determination to handle any obstacle or challenge in the course or college/university.
  • The income of the candidate should be up to $95000. 

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Steps to apply for Jack Kent Cooke scholarship Application

The applicant can quickly apply for the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship by these simple steps:

  • The first step is open the website of Jack Kent Cooke.
  • The candidate can create an account to initiate the application procedure.
  • Add all the personal information, and education, and answer all other vital and mandatory questions.
  • An applicant has to submit recommendations from two teachers and school counselors.
  • Check all the details once again and tap on “Submit”

What are Application Requirements?

There are some of the application requirements that a person has to fulfill to get the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship.

  • The GPA score should be above 3.5 or equivalent to that.
  • The applicant should have future plans to get graduate from a U.S. university or college. 
  • Some other requirements are:
  1. Academics: The candidate must be good at academics and must have the willpower to learn new things. It will be an added point if the candidate can get the teacher’s recommendations and get some knowledge from them. 
  2. Leadership Attribute: It is important that the candidate has leadership qualities that will benefit him/her in his contribution to the society
  3. Financial aspect: The candidate must need money and the income should not be more than $95000.
  4. Persistence: It is vital that a candidate can get out of any obstacle it may be academics, sports, or any other. 


An applicant gets several privileges with the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship. A few of them are given below:

  1. The applicant can take any course from an ample number of courses.
  2. The candidate will get a maximum of $55000 per year for a 4-year course.
  3. A person will get advice(personal) about college and university.
  4. Various other advice related to escalating the experience of college/university.


What is jack kent Cooke's scholarship acceptance rate?

How much is the jack kent Cooke scholarship?

Jack Kent Cooke scholarships give funds to all the students that are eligible and needy to pursue their future studies. In total $40000 per year is given to the candidates who are selected for the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship.

How competitive is the jack kent Cooke scholarship?

It is not at all easy to grab the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship. There are hundreds of people that apply for the scholarship but only a few get the chance to have it. It is highly competitive and only 50-85 lucky candidates get the privilege to be part of the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship out of so many applications.

How to check Jack Kent Cooke's scholarship application status?

A person can check the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship application status from the official website of the foundation. Moreover, a person can also call the Jack Kent Cooke foundation for all questions and to see the status of their application. 

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