Jamba Juice Job Application – Here is How to Apply?

Jamba Juice is a store that is famous for its healthy fruit smoothies. The company is working in approximately 750 locations. California is the city where the company has its headquarters. Jamba Juice proffers a versatile range of smoothies that have innumerable flavors and its super-tempting. The company is currently operating in almost 26 states including Canada, the Bahamas, the Philippines, and South Korea.

There are many career options that are usually present in the Jamba Juice store. One can check that at the Jamba Juice website. There are many ways to apply as the company also gives an option of downloading the application form, but for that one needs to visit the store. 

A person can choose both part-time as well as a full-time job at the store. A competitive pay scale is given by the company. 

Jamba Juice gives training to the fresh staff, so one can join without prior learning. Moreover, there are flexible timings that employees need. The company is offering services for almost 30 years. The tasty plant-based juice is given with no sugar to give a healthy lifestyle to its clients.

Apply for jamba juice job application

Who is Eligible for the Jamba Juice Job Application?

One needs to have certain aspects to be part of Jamba Juice. So, let’s see the eligibility list:

  • The candidate should be available full-time.
  • Must have knowledge of computers.
  • The applicant should have a diploma in high studies or equivalent.
  • The age of the applicant should be 16 or more and for other positions equal to 18 or above than that. 
  • In case the candidate has a college degree or equal to that, it will be a priority for some posts.
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What are Application Requirements?

There are a plethora of application requirements for the Jamba Juice Job application. Let’s dive:

  • The candidate must have done a diploma or equal to that. 
  • Must be a16 or above in age.
  • Computer knowledge is necessary for some posts.
  • The degree will be a plus point and help in working for some roles.
  • The applicant should be available for full-time or part-time depending on the job position

How to apply for Jamba juice application?

An applicant has to follow some steps to apply for the application of Jamba Juice:

  1. Firstly, visit the online website of Jamba Juice.
  2. Now, look at the employment portal and drop down to see the “Job Listings”
  3. Further, See the listings of Jamba Juice.
  4. Next, check all the jobs that are out to apply such as team members, shift leaders, support positions, and many more.
  5. Now Tap on the position that you want to “apply”
  6. Further, create your profile.
  7. Add all the obligatory details like personal. Educational, and contact number.
  8. After completing the application form, submit it.

The company usually reply back in a two-three week. A call is received from Jamba Juice for an interview with the manager. In case a person does not get a call in the scheduled time period, the person can call the store or even visit there. 


  • Jamba works in both personal and professional development of the employee
  • There are flexible work shifts and training for the employee
  • Uniforms are provided along with discounts on meals.
  • Savings plans are available for those who are more than 21 years of age.
  • Jamba Juice gives growth opportunities and promotions. 
  • Health coverage is provided to the employees working in Jamba Juice
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Does Jamba juice hire at 16?

There are numerous stores of Jamba Juice and in every store, there is a different job position. Some stores hire applicants who are 16 years or above. While others only hire those that are more than 18 years. So, to know the exact age, one needs to check the job requirements.

Is Jamba juice an easy job?

No, working at Jamba Juice requires multiple responsibilities. A person has to take care of several things like being active at the job, well disciplined, thorough knowledge of products and company, using time efficiently, and many more.

When does Jamba juice hire?

Jamba Juice generally hires applicants who are not minors that is over 18 years. Although there are umpteen Jamba Juice stores that even hire applicants who are equivalent to 16 or more than that. So, there are different age criteria as per job location and job position.

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