Jeopardy Application Guide 2024 – Requirements & Process details

Jeopardy is a game show that belongs to America, introduced by Mery Griffin. In this show, traditional questions are asked to contestants in a quiz format. All the contestants are given clues in the form of answers, and they need to identify the person, place, or thing that describes the answer. It is considered the longest-game show in the country, as the 39th season of the show is currently running.

What is Jeopardy Application?

Jeopardy Application is part of a process that all the candidates should fill up. Candidates need to visit the official website to apply for the show. By registering themselves, they will be led to the test step by step. It is one of the longest shows in America.

jeopardy application guide

Application Requirements

To become a contestant, an individual needs to follow the mentioned criteria:

  1. A participant must be 18 years old and have yet to appear in such shows in the last 5 years.
  2. Candidate must have Canadian citizenship.
  3. The participant should not have worked for a banned company.
  4. Participants must undergo two tests – a traditional adult test and a college student test to determine their eligibility.
  5. All the candidates have to go through an online test and audition to become a participant.

How to apply?

Follow the steps given below to apply for the Jeopardy application.

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Step 1: Willing applicants must register by creating a new profile on Jeopardy’s official website.

Step 2: Candidates must provide their current information and active email because the process will be done through email.

Step 3: Applicants must check their email regularly because the exam schedule time will be provided via email.

Step 4: Once that test starts, it will never be restarted. The test will take approximately ten minutes.

Step 5: After passing the examination, candidates must wait for a call from the Jeopardy team. Those who have passed with good scores will be permitted in the audition pool for 18 months.

Application process

To become a contestant on Jeopardy Show, applicants must undergo three steps:

  • an online test,
  • an audition,
  • and a notice period. 

The online test is known as the anytime test. For that, candidates need to pre-register themselves. In this test, applicants will have approx. 13 minutes to answer 50 questions belonging to 50 categories. After passing the test, candidates need to appear in the audition. And after the audition, they need to wait for the final call to get accepted.


The Jeopardy game makes the learning process easy by making fun, helps to retain information, provides a different perspective, makes people enthusiastic, builds confidence, helps to learn the revision process, and makes kids prepare for the examination.


Jeopardy! The high school reunion tournament will begin from 20th February to 9th march. The game includes 9 quarterfinal rounds. According to the reports, three participants will participate each day, and the last two days will be for the final.  


Does an applicant go for an audition by skipping tests?

Can the test be restarted once it is started?

No, it will not be restarted once the test is initiated. You have to complete and submit the test after answering/skipping each and every question.

What is the age limit for all the applicants to become a participant?

All candidates’ minimum age limit will be at least 18 years. If this eligibility criterion is not followed, the application will be rejected.


Although the application process is pretty tough, there are many opportunities to learn many things as adults and kids. Money is not required for any tests and is totally dependent upon the merit. And not to forget that a contestant will only be responsible for his/her upbringing.

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