How to Apply for JPS connection Application [Guide]?

JPS connection is a medicare service for people residing in Ft. Worth Texas. This program covers a plethora of treatments such as mental services, cardiology, dental, HIV/AIDS in Tarrant County, Geriatrics services, Low-cost(reasonable) cancer treatment, and many others. The program is for all the applicants who are homeless, unemployed or the ones that do not have much income to pay off their medical expenses. 

The Peter Smith Hospital is a center that is a Level I trauma center and gives assistance to patients that have low income.  In case of any query or trouble, the applicant can contact the JPS connection at 817.702.1001. There are different timings for every center so it is better to search or give a call at the mentioned number to know better and save time. There are some centers that close by 4:30 PM and others that close by 6:00 PM.  

The candidate should have a certain income level to qualify for the JPS connection. A chart will make it more clear. This chart includes the monthly income as well as the aid the JPS connection will provide to the applicants. All the details regarding the program as per the size of the family are given below:

jps connection

What is the JPS connection?

This is a program that is made for the people who are residing in Ft. Worth Texas. This is basically a medical service for all the applicants who have a shortage of funds and are not able to pay for it. This service also includes Fort Worth, the homeless, and candidates who are just doing jobs. There are many service centers that the JPS connection covered at numerous places. So, a person can check about that on the official webpage. 

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There are innumerable programs that are added to this connection. These programs include services for specialists as well as primary care. These are as follows:

  • JPS CARES Program: for the homeless and uninsured people
  • Supplemental Insurance Program: For the candidates who are already under the  JPS Health Network.
  • JPS Connection: For the individuals who are in Fort Worth.
  • Supplemental Medicare Program: For the individuals who have Medicare Part A. This program will help in paying the expenses for the cost of medical treatment.
How to apply for JPS connection application

How to Apply for the JPS connection application?

A person can apply for the JPS connection application with the mentioned steps. Let’s have a look:

  • The applicant can mail the application to [email protected]
  • There are several JPS eligibility centers, the candidate can visit there along with the application and other vital documents. 
  • The candidate can also post or mail at the JPS connection center. The address for the following is 1325 S. Main Street, Fort Worth, TX 76104.
  • The applications for the same can be faxed to 817.702.3834. 
  • The official page for any kind of information about the connection application is right here

In case the application for the JPS connection is expired, then it can be renewed online at their webpage easily. 

Who is Eligible for JPS Connection Application?

All the applicants who fulfill the below-given points are qualified for the  JPS Connection Application. These are as follows:

  • The applicant must have a low-income
  • The individual should have any other private or public health insurance. 
  • The candidate should be residing in Tarrant County
  • The individual must be a US citizen, a naturalized citizen, or Permanent Resident. 
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What are the Application Requirements?

There are some of the application essentials that are obligatory for a person to fulfill. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • A shelter letter must be approved by an agency.
  • The birth certificate of children.
  • An application from JPS must be completed. 
  • An application must be dated by the applicant and also signed by both spouses and the applicant.
  • Legal and valid identity proof of the applicant. 
  • A bank statement that is current.
  • Award letters from government assistance. 
  • A copy of the stubs, financial aid refunds, and also self-employment forms. 


What does the JPS connection cover?

The JPS connection covers cardiology, geriatrics, outpatient care for females, children, and many other services

Does JPS connection cover dental?

The JPS connects encloses dental. It includes cleaning, x-rays, and cavity fillings, and also gives assistance in other services.

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