KYEOP Cycle 8 Application-Here is How to Apply?

Strengthening the youth is a step towards developing a better future for the country. Kenya is trying to empower its youth in different ways and one of their ways is through the adoption of the Kenyan Youth Employment and Opportunities program (KYEOP). Currently, the number of unemployed in the population is way above the manageable numbers in Kenya.

What is KYEOP?

KYEOP is a project whereby the youth can enjoy essential training benefits, internship facilities, and receive business grant opportunities. By training them, their employment facilities can be improved immensely thereby enhancing their earning opportunities. Through this project, the government aims to target 280,000 people during their entire period of operation.

To generate an income like an entrepreneur, the program will train and assist them. There are mainly four sub-components that are supported through this process.

  1. The self-employed can take advantage of the grants and business development services to take their business forward.
  2. Jobs can be created easily through the catalytic intervention method provided by the KYEOP program. Jobs for targeted youths would also mean arranging innovative interventions for the youth.
  3. Through it, youth policy development is favored.
  4. The labor market information is made better by regularly updating the labor market website.

The organizations that help in the success of the project are the ICT ministry, National Industrial Training Authority, micro, and small-scale industries, and the ministry of labor and social protection.

kyeop cycle 8 application

Who is Eligible for KYEOP CYCLE 8?

To be eligible, the KYEOP candidates must have the following fulfilled;

  1. They must be a citizen of Kenya.
  2. A person must be within the age group of 18 and 29 years.
  3. Women, marginalized youth groups, and vulnerable communities are encouraged to apply for the scheme.
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What are application requirements?

The application requirements for the KYEOP candidates include;

  1. Those who wish to apply must have a national ID card with themselves.
  2. A form 4 education is a must for moving ahead with the application process.
  3. They must not be employed then.
  4. The individual should not be enrolled in any kind of schooling and planning for the eight months from the KYEOP application.

How to apply for KYEOP cycle 8 application?

To apply for KYEOP, begin by clicking on the link provided here;

KYEOP cycle 8 application
  • Add your details in the given fields as per requirement. This information must include your personal and contact details, occupational status, education, and other skill sets and then confirm the same.
KYEOP cycle 8 online
  • Next, you will have to choose from the available courses that include both technical and non-technical ones.

Individuals must choose the courses as per their educational qualification and their choices. If already hold an experience in some field, you can continue training yourself in the same to gain more expertise in it.

  • After filling out the entire application, you must submit the registration form. Once they scrutinize it, they will send you the details of your training via your mail.


There are several benefits one can obtain by attending the KYEOP cycle 8 training and internship facilities.

  1. Through this program, they will receive one month of dedicated business and life skill training. The program runs from morning to evening and thereby individuals need to keep themselves free during this time.
  2. Formal skill training happens for 2 months.
  3. Another 3 months of internship facilities are available to the candidates who join the KYEOP cycle 8 training.
  4. They further can have 5 months of on-job official training where they will get a chance to meet the qualified craftsmen of that particular field.
  5. Apart from all of these facilities, they will also receive entrepreneurship skills training through this program.
  6. You will get a certificate through the online mode. These graduates are required to submit their Kenyan Identity Card (ID) to get their online certificates.
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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Is KYEOP cycle 8 open?

No, the KYEOP cycle 8 is not open now for Kenyan citizens. You will have to solve the captcha after entering your national ID and then by clicking on the Submit tab.

What is KYEOP cycle 8 application deadline?

The application process was ongoing up 10th June 2022 and began on 17th May 2022 for the Kenyan citizens.

How to check KYEOP application status?

Short message servicing (SMS) is the only way you will come to know the status of your application. Selection is made through a computerized random process and SMS notification is sent to all the successful candidates.


To make the youth of Kenya powerful, the government is trying to expose them to the best-required education and employment facilities. If you wish to know your application status, you must wait till the results are declared.

Some fake application status checking methods are meanwhile making rounds and the authority strictly prohibits people from using them. Once candidates are selected successfully, they need to ensure they at least attend 80% of the classes to qualify through the training.

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