How to Apply for Macaulay Honors Application?

Macaulay Honors is an educational program to gain undergraduate experience. The applicants in this course get a degree that is conferred jointly by their home campus and also by the Macaulay. It is quite difficult to get qualified for this, as the applicant needs a good GPA for this. A small group of candidates proffered to this program are selected from both private and public universities. 

The applicant also has to write two essays to get qualified, there are specific rules that are essential to be followed. In addition to this. For international students, there is an English proficiency test that is obligatory for admission to the course. The acceptance rate of the applications was quite low in the last as in the year 2016, only 29% were qualified. The last date to enroll for Macaulay’s honors application is November 16, 2022. All the applications should be submitted by 6 PM. 

What is Macaulay’s honors application?

Macaulay Honors application is an educational opportunity for the students from the five boroughs of New York City and also beyond that. The application has begun from September 1, 2022, and all the applicants who want to get themself enrolled can apply by following the below-mentioned steps. There are certain points that the applicant should read before moving ahead with the application as all are not qualified for this. There are many privileges that the selected applicants get after getting qualified such as no tuition fees, laptop, private housing, and several others. 

how to apply for macaulay honors application

Who is Eligible for it?

The applicant has to attain all the prerequisites that are vital for the Macaulay Honors application. Let’s dive:

  • The applicant should be a first-time college student as the applicants who have already attended classes after high school at post-secondary institutions are not enrolled. 
  • Applicants who have attended college or are now in college are qualified for the Macaulay Honors application. 
  • The candidate who has applied earlier and still has not attended any other post-secondary institution can apply again for the Macaulay Honors application. 
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How to apply for the Macaulay Honors Application?

  • The applicant needs to visit the Macaulay official website
  • Then, the candidate has to tap on apply.
  • Further, on the page, there will be key dates that are shown on the screen. Just tap on the start application on the right side.
macaulay honors application
  • Now, there are two options available such as future students and cuny students, select the one that is apt for you. Then. tap on start your application. 
honors application
  • In case the candidate is a cuny student then just login into the precious account and if the candidate is a future student then select the reason for applying. 
how to apply
  • Next, tap on next and add all the relevant details that are vital for the application.
  • Moving ahead, scrutinize all the details that are added to the application.
  • Lastly, submit the Macaulay Honors Application.

What are the Application Requirements?

There are some of the Macaulay honors college application requirements that a candidate has to fulfill to get enrolled. Let’s have a look:

  • The candidate has to ask his official school if it is a private or parochial high school in New York or outside to send a copy(official) of the transcript to [email protected]. Moreover, the applicant can also send via Naviance. 
  • The applicant has to give a copy of the SAT or ACT scores to the administration. The last date for that is November 28, 2022. Ensure that this is done by 6 pm. 
  • The candidate who wants to get enrolled has to send 2 essays of approximately 500 words. There are certain instructions that should be read before beginning the essay. 
  • A fee of $65 is to be paid which is non-refundable. All applicants have to pay similar fees.
  • In case the candidate is on a temporary visa or does not come from an English-speaking environment than a test of TOEFL, PTE, IELTS, or Duolingo is obligatory. 
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Are Macaulay honors free?

The applicant need not have to pay the tuition fee as they get that as a scholarship. Moreover, a Macintosh laptop computer is also provided to the candidates. The candidate also gets several experiential experiences and also a private housing facility. 

Is it hard to get into Macaulay honors college?

The applicant must have a high GPA score to get enrolled for entrance into college. So, if the candidate is having that then it is not hard to get admission to Macaulay honors college. 

How to check Macaulay honors application status?

The candidate can check the Macaulay honors application by login into the account by adding the username and the password. Locate on the left side CUNYfirst Menu and tap on that. Then, tap on the student center. Next, keep on scrolling till you found admission, and finally, click view details. 

What is Macaulay's honors acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate for Macaulay’s honors application is 48%. 

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