How to check the Mizzou application status? (Quick Guide)

The University Of Missouri is a land grant public research university in Columbia, Missouri. It is the largest university in Missouri and the flagship of four campus systems.

Due to the SEC’s flagships and best-valued institution, students want to enroll in this university. Here the role of the Mizzou application comes in handy. The University Of Missouri provides Mizzou applications to students to apply here online easily

Read the article completely to know about the Mizzou application, from initials to application status checking.

What is the Mizzou application?


Mizzou application is the application provided by the University Of Missouri. The Mizzou application allows you to learn and grow in your life with even fewer opportunities.

If you want to become knowledgeable by learning and growing effectively, then you can get help from the Mizzou application. It will help you to join the vibrant community.

To enroll in the University Of Missouri, you can easily fill out the Mizzou application as a freshman, graduate, transfer student, international student, etc.

The acceptance rate of Mizzou applications

The University of Missouri is highly selective, with a 77% acceptance rate. Half the applicants are only approved for admission to the University of Missouri.

There is a need for the applicant to have an ACT score between 23-30 or SAT score between 1130 to 1350 to make more chances for their Mizzou applications to get approved.

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However, a quarter of enrolled applicants get score above these ranges, and rest of the applicants get scores below this range.

Requirements for Mizzou application

If you want to fill out the Mizzou applications to get admission at the University Of Missouri, then here are some requirements you should meet:

  • You should have an average GPA of 3.52
  • You should have an average SAT score of 1190
  • You should have an average ACT score of 26

How to check the Mizzou application status?

If you want to check the status of your Mizzou application, here are the steps you should know:

  • First, you have to visit the official site of the University Of Missouri
  • Then, you must click the option “Check application status.”
  • Now, you are on the move-in log-in page, where you have to enter your email
  •  After entering the email address and password, you can check the status of your Mizzou application.


You can easily fill out the Mizzou application to enroll in a specific program offered by the University of Missouri. Also, after applying for the Mizzou application, you can check the status of your application easily.

Does the Mizzou application need essays?

Yes, if the students are applying by common application, then the essay component for your Mizzou application is required.

Is the Mizzou application free?

No, the Mizzou application is not free. You must pay the non-refundable fee of $55 to submit your application online.

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