NCAT Housing Application Portal – 2024 Quick Guide

NCAT is the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical state university that provides a housing program for students. NCAT handles the social housing tenancy disputes between tenants and landlords.

NCAT housing programs are works under the residential tenancies act 2010. The NCAT commercial and customer division manages social housing cases.

What is the NCAT housing application?

ncat housing application

NCAT social housing is managed or owned by a government authority or community housing providers. The NCAT housing application is available to provide rent to eligible persons. It is available at the aggie housing portal. Social housing consists the

  •  Managed or owned housing corporation
  • Community housing applications manage community housing
  • Aboriginal housing is managed or owned by aboriginal corporations, including councils or housing office

All the NCAT social housing is covered by the residential tenancies act 2010.

NCAT housing application deadline

The deadline for NCAT housing application is 1 May 2024. Interested students can easily fill out the NCAT application until the deadline.

NCAT social housing application form

NCAT housing application forms are available on the aggie portal for students who want to get housing program benefits. It is easy for students to fill out the application form.

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Once you submit your application form, you can receive the housing contract from NCAT. Remember that you remember your aggie Gmail credentials to submit the form.


Here is the checklist that students should consider to apply for NCAT housing application successfully

  • You should complete your FAFSA
  • You should be registered for 12 or more credit hours to become eligible for the NCAT housing program.
  • You should complete the housing application and make the payment
  • You should also attend the new student orientation session
  • Must check aggie Gmail for reservation time and date, and room selection under NCAT housing

How to apply?

If you want to apply for the NCAT housing program, you must first visit the official NCAT housing Official website. Here are the further steps you should follow to apply for NCAT housing.

Step1- Complete your application requirements

  • First, you have to set up the aggie Gmail account and log in to it
  • Students should confirm their intent to enroll in the NCAT housing.

Step 2- Login credentials at aggie portals

  • Username – It is the first part of aggie’s Gmail account for students who will apply for NCAT housing.
  • Password- The first 4 letters of the aggie gmail and last four numbers of the banner ID of the student is referred to as the password
  • Aggie housing portal

Step 3- Submit your application

  • The students can easily get the form online at the aggie housing portal.
  • You must fill out the application and submit the non-refundable fees of $175 at the end of the application process.
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The housing contract is released instantly when the student submits their NCAT application. This is how easily you can apply to NCAT housing.


Why is the aggie housing portal used under the NCAT housing process?

Students use the aggie housing portal to apply for housing application. The students can also check their housing application status through this portal.

Is NCAT public or private?

NCAT is a public university. It was founded in 1891. The large campus size of NCAT provides social housing to students.


To sum it up, NCAT housing benefits students. Ensure to read the eligibility criteria, requirements, and how-to-apply method before starting your NCAT application process.

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