Netflix Private Jet flight Attendant Job Application Process Guide

The flight attendant is one of the crucial aviation jobs. People working as flight attendants ensure the security of every boarding passenger on the plane. Additionally, they communicate with pilots in cockpits and serve them essentials. 

Do you know that Netflix is hiring experienced jet flight attendants?

You heard that right! Now, you can get a chance to earn $385,000 as a private flight attendant with Netflix. So, let’s decode eligibility, requirements, and other significant details for this unmissable job.

netflix flight attendant job application

Who is Eligible for Netflix Private jet attendant Job?

Candidates passionate about working with cabin crew and flying across the seas must apply to Netflix’s flight attendant job. Netflix ensures to provide the leading equipment to attendants who can help customers soar efficiently. However, you must fulfill a few eligibility criteria to get this job. 

Here are the eligibility criteria that will make you the most suitable candidate for this Netflix flight attendant job:

  • All candidates must have Federal Aviation Administration approved flight-safety training certificate.
  • An ideal candidate can lift 13.6 kilograms of items on the flight.
  • Candidates are required to be well-equipped with the details of G550 aircraft.
  • An international passport is because flight attendants are required to travel in the US and other countries.

What are the Application Requirements?

See this job’s requirements if you are eligible. These requirements are necessary to get your hands on Netflix’s flight attendant job.

List of requirements for the flight attendant job:

  • Interested candidates must show their professional representation. It helps officials learn your performance duty efficiency.
  • A flight attendant must know the security of the flight compartment. 
  • Pre-requirements include the candidate’s proficiency in the cabin’s pre-inspection.
  • An ideal candidate has brilliant communication skills and can present flight safety guidelines. A candidate is required to give a demonstration of the security brief. Furthermore, selected candidates must submit the security guidelines presentation during flight take-off and landing. 
  • Candidates must contact the flight attendant manager while boarding the plane.
  • Applicants must give an FAA-certified training certificate. 
  • A perfect candidate will work on a domestic trip and internationally. Therefore, they must have a passport. 
  • The candidates should be ready to work on international flights, weekdays, and weekends if required.
  • Candidates must conduct ground duty at San Jose Hangar and attend the Burbank meetings.
  • They must be efficient at working in teams.
  • A candidate’s background should be clean. 
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So, you are ready to apply if you meet all the eligibility and application requirements. Let’s understand how to apply for Netflix private jet flight attendant.

How to apply for Netflix private jet flight attendant?

People with flight attendant experience, a passion for working in aviation jobs, and possess incredible public speaking skills are most welcome to apply as Netflix private jet flight attendants.

Netflix Aviation Department provides remarkable transportation services to passengers. Therefore, they only hire candidates who are best with people and equipment. As a result, the passenger gets the most effective and suitable flight services worldwide.

Here are the step-by-step details of how to apply for the Netflix private jet flight attendant job:

  • Visit “” on any web browser.
  • You will find the job description and interested candidates’ guidelines. Read everything once.
  • Scroll down till you see an application form.
  • Enter your first and last names.
  • Provide your correct email ID and phone number.
  • Now, upload your updated flight attendant resume. You can upload pdf, doc, Docx, and txt resume formats.
  • Furthermore, add five more supporting documents. Each document can be in pdf, doc, txt, and Docx format up to 30MB.
  • Fill out the voluntary self-identification form, if you want to improve your selection chances.
  • Share your gender identity.
  • Also, mention if you are transgender. If Yes, share your working experience as a transgender flight attendant.
  • Select your race, i.e., region background. For example, Asian, Black African or American, Hispanic, etc.
  • Choose your sexual orientation. 
  • Select Yes if you are a disabled person. Else, click on No. It is based on ADA outlines.
  • Select if you worked in the military for the country or are a veteran.
  • Review your application once.
  • Hit on the “Submit Application button.” 

Voila! You are good to go. Candidates can also apply with their LinkedIn accounts. 

Now, let’s understand how applicants who have submitted their forms can check their application status.

How to check the status?

You cannot check the live status of Netflix’s flight attendant application. First, finish with applying. Second, you will receive a note that says, “Thank you for your interest in Netflix, XYZ! Your application has been submitted.”

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It means that Netflix will review your application and get back to you if they find your resume perfect for the position. Additionally, you will get all the updates on the registered Email or number. So, no need to check the status because Netflix does that for you. 

Let’s look at our final topic and learn the salary details for this prestigious job.

Salary details

The salary depends on the candidate’s experience, efficiency, and brilliance. For example, a candidate with ten years of flight attendant experience will get more compensation than the rest.

Typically, the salary ranges from $60,000 to $385,000 per year.


What is the qualification for a flight attendant?

First, the aspirant must complete the 10+2 education course. They must pursue an undergraduate degree in Aviation between 17 to 26 years of age.

How do you become a flight attendant?

Pursue an undergraduate degree in Aviation after completion of primary 10+2 education. Get some relevant work experience and training. Apply for your flight attendant job at your preferred airline.

How much are flight attendants paid?

On average, a flight attendant earns $25,671 annually in the United States.


So, what are you waiting for? Apply for your dream job now and get started with Netflix’s Aviation department. You will get a chance to be in the same plane as other massive stars. The work environment is top-notch and optimistic. There should be no reason for you not to try your luck on a great opportunity!

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