How to Apply for Parents and Grandparents sponsorship in 2024?

The Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) is a program that is initiated by the Canadian government. This program is for citizens and permanent residents who want to call their parents or grandparents to Canada to live with them.

For this program, there is a certain list that the applicant must entitle to. Further, financial requirements must also be met as without that the person will not be able to call their parents in Canada. A person can comprehend all the guidelines before initiating the application form and must be ready with all the obligatory documents. 

What is the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP)?

This is an immigration program that is for parents and grandparents. In this program, the parents and grandparents get the privilege to get permanent residency and can also apply for Canadian citizenship. There are several privileges that a person gets along with the PGP program. The applicants are not able to work in Canada and will also get healthcare facilities. 

Moreover, the parents can also apply for citizenship in the country. To get registered an invitation is received first by the applicant if there is no invitation the application will be rejected. In addition to this, the sponsor must fulfill the financial requirement to sponsor the Program (PGP). 

parents and grandparents sponsorship

Who is Eligible for Parents And Grandparent sponsorship?

A person is entitled to the Parent’s and Grandparent’s sponsorship if the below-mentioned points are fulfilled. These are as follows:

  • A person who is sponsoring must be at least 18 years.
  • An individual must be residing in Canada.
  • The person should have sufficient funds to take care of the parents and grandparents.
  • He/she must be a citizen of Canada, a permanent resident, or must be enrolled as a Canadian under the Canadian Indian Act.
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What are the Application Requirements?

A person must fulfill the prerequisites to apply for the PGP sponsorship. Let’s have a look:

  • The applicant should live in Canada. 
  • The person must be a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident of the country. 
  • All the essential income prerequisites must be fulfilled. 
  • The candidate should not be a minor or aged below 18. 
  • 24 December is the last day for the application forms. 

How to apply for parents and grandparents sponsorship in Canada?

The procedure to apply for the PGP sponsorship in Canada is straightforward and can be completed easily. 

  • The first step is to fill out the interest to sponsor form. As it is important that the applicant gets an invitation from IRCC. 
  • Then, fill out the application form but in case there is no invitation received then do not go ahead directly with the application form as they will reject the application.
  1. Check the document checklist before moving ahead with the application.
  2. Fill out the financial evaluation form, download it and add all the obligatory details.
  3. Now, also add details to the Income sources for sponsorship of parents and grandparents.
  4. Also, the declaration form should be signed
  • Next, the application fees and biometric fees must be paid.  
  • Further, medical and police clearance certificate fees are paid. This is an instruction guide to understand. 
  • Lastly, submit the application form by adding all the mandatory details, uploading all the relevant documents, pay the fees online. 

A person can check the status of the application by creating and signing up for the application. 

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There are several privileges that a person gets with the sponsorship. These are as follows:

  • All the benefits that a permanent resident gets are provided to the sponsored parents and grandparents.
  • A complete healthcare facility is given.
  • A person gets unlimited work privileges.
  • The applicants also get legal protection(under Canadian law). 
  • The applicant can enroll for Canadian citizenship.


How to check Parents' and grandparents' sponsorship status?

There are two ways and a person can choose any of them. Firstly, the person can create an online account and link the application there or can use an online tool i.e. for the application. 

What is IRCC parent's sponsorship 2024 Deadline?

A person can apply for the IRCC parent’s sponsorship till December 24 (Fresh dates will be updated soon). The application form must be filled till 11:59 PM. 

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