Petsmart’s Chief Toy Tester Application Guide – $10k Salary

Is your furry friend too excellent, and do you want to see them as social media influencers?

PetSmart provides your pets with this excellent opportunity. They are looking for a dog and cat who can become their Chief Toy Tester. Your pets must be playful with toys, love treats, and participate in unboxing items. 

PetSmart offers exciting salaries for your pets who will become their Chief Toy Tester. So, let’s decode more information on PetSmart.

What is PetSmart’s chief toy tester application?

PetSmarts chief toy tester application

PetSmart is a retail company selling pet products. Also, they offer several services, such as grooming, training, adoption, boarding, and more. The platform’s motto is “Anything for pets.” 

PetSmart also provides 24-hour supervision to pet parents with veterinary support. Therefore, trained individuals visit your pets and treat them efficiently.

PetSmart is looking for an ideal dog or cat to become their Chief Toy Tester. Your furry friends can become beloved social media influencers. However, pet parents must apply for their pets to PetSmart with all details. So, let’s get into the eligibility criteria.


Allow your pets to show their creativity by associating with PetSmart. The platform encourages your pets to show their talents and influence other pet parents to buy pet-related products. So, let’s look at some eligibility criteria that will make your pets perfect for this position at PetSmart.

  • Your four-legged friends are playful.
  • They have the nose to sniff and mouth to eat treats.
  • Dogs who can wag their tails at a PetSmart VIP event.
  • Pet parents must have their pet’s public account.
  • Pet parents can give at least one year to PetSmart. They must sign a contract for the same.
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So, these were some primary eligibility criteria your pet must meet to get associated with PetSmart. Now, let’s glance at the requirements.

Chief Toy Tester Application Requirements

Parents must satisfy some requirements if they want their pets to be Chief Toy Testers at PetSmart. 

Here are the prerequisites for this position:

  • A dog or cat must have a nose to sniff the treats.
  • Your pets must have adorable paws to play with toys, such as balls, flying discs, squeaking toys, etc.
  • They must have an excellent tail to wag and wave.
  • Pet parents must be able to get through to their pets and convince them to capture in front of the camera. The video will be posted on social media to demonstrate PetSmart’s pet products.

Check if your pets meet all these requirements and enroll for this position. Let’s look at the application process for this position.

Here is How to apply…

The application for Chief Toy Tester at PetSmart is online. So, pet parents can visit the company’s official online portal to apply once they meet all the requirements. 

Here are the steps that one should follow:

  • Go to the ‘‘ website.
  • Submit a ten to thirty seconds video of your cat or dog where they are showcasing their talents and playful behavior. It should demonstrate your pet’s personality.
  • Submit a beautiful portrait or still image of your pet. 
  • Finally, give a review of your pet’s favored toy.
  • Click on the ‘Submit‘ button. 

Wait for a few days for a response from PetSmart once you complete the application.

PetSmart hiring process

PetSmart will review all the applications submitted on their application portal. They will send the response to the user’s registered email ID or phone number if their pets get selected. 

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The application deadline is 17th February 2023. So, don’t miss this golden opportunity and start applying now. 


Selected pets will get $10,000 compensation for the Chief Toy Tester position at PetSmart. 

Let’s look at other benefits as well:

  • Treat deliveries at your home for pets
  • Selected pets will get quarterly grooming and salon treatments
  • Pets will get the title of VIP at PetSmart events and will get a celebrity treatment
  • First Chief Toy Testers will get tail-wagging rights


How many positions are open for Chief Toy Tester at PetSmart?

Currently, there are only two positions open for Chief Toy Tester. Selected pets will be first for this role. Hence, they will get access to additional benefits.

What is the application deadline?

The application deadline is 17th Feb 2023, by 11:59 PM.


Your pet’s hilarious and unmissable moments can help you win money with PetSmart. Your pet’s videos will be viral on social media, and you can also win rewards. The cats and dogs associated with PetSmart will get delicious treats and connoisseurs. As a pet parent, you must record your pet’s video and post it on social media.

So, take the chance to earn $10,000 to $20,000.

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