How to Apply for Philippine coast guard application?

Philippine Coast Guard is related to the Philippines’ Department of Transportation. The main task of this department is to keep a check on maritime security operations, safeguarding marine creatures and the sea. There are job opportunities for candidates who want to serve their country.

There are officer as well as non-officer jobs for this profile. A complete list is mentioned on the online portal as well as below to qualify for the Philippine Coast Guard. A good salary is proffered at both the officer as well as non-officer positions. There are a plethora of other benefits that are also attached to this job position.

Who is Eligible for Philippine Coast Guard?

There is a list that an applicant has to qualify to become a part of the  Philippine Coast Guard. These are the following:

  • The age of the applicant at the time of the examination should be around 21 to 28 years.
  • It is obligatory that the applicant is physically as well as mentally fit.
  • The height of both male and female applications should be 5’0”.
  • The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree or the candidate should have earned 82% in the Professional Civil Service Eligibility or the candidate should have a PRC License.
  • It is vital that the applicant should be a citizen of the Philippines.
  • The applicant should have a single status.
phillipine coast guard application

How to apply for the Philippine coast guard application?

The application procedure for the Philippine coast guard is simple but a little time-consuming and gets completed in a few days. Follow all the below-mentioned steps carefully.

  •  Check the Eligibility List: The interested applicants have to first see the complete list of eligibility and check if they qualify or not. 
  • Submit the documents: The applicant has to submit the documents that are needed to schedule the PCGABT. This is done at the closest PCG district.
  • Get ready for the  PCG Aptitude Battery Test: A test will be conducted so an applicant should wear a white shirt, white socks, rubber shoes, and also maong pants. It is vital to have trim hairs and nails. 
  • Physical Fitness Test: Once the above-mentioned test is passed, then the applicants will be taken to the respective PCG district. At this place, the PFT test will be supervised.
  • Neurological, Medical, and Dental Tests: The neurological and dental tests will be done by the team. However, for the medical test, an applicant has to make contributions. 
  • Finalization of the Applicants: In this stage, the team will review the qualifying applicant’s forms. Further, the board members will analyze and decide which candidates will go ahead with the training.
  • Oathtaking: A final ceremony of oathtaking will be conducted for the qualified applicants. The candidates will be informed some days before about the date and time of the oath-taking ceremony. 
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What are the application requirements?

There are numerous application requirements that an applicant has to qualify to get the position at the Philippine coast guard. These are given below:

  • The applicant needs to fill out the application form from the Philippine coast guard.
  • A personal information sheet is also needed to download.
  • A photocopy of the Transcript of Records that is authenticated by the school is required.
  • For the several tests that are compulsory for eligibility, a photocopy of all these is to be submitted( TESDA certificate for enlistment, diploma certificates of senior school, and enlistment or commisionship. 
  • A birth certificate of the applicant is required.

Ensure that the applicant carries the original certificates along with them as they may be needed for the purpose of verification. Have all the documents and fulfill all the requirements so that your application does get disqualified.

Job Benefits

There are ample privileges that an applicant gets with the position at the philippine coast guard. 

  • This is an ensured and a lifetime job
  • A good salary that is more than the standard salary is proffered.
  • A great opportunity to serve and become a part of the Philippine Coast Guard.
  • A plethora of government benefits, privileges, and discounts.
  • A good chance to pursue higher studies in a foreign country for specialization. 

Salary Details

The salary that is offered to the new entrants as the commissioned officer having the rank of Ensign is around P51,000 per month. Whereas, the applicants at the entry-level with a rank of Apprentice get approximately P37,000 per month. The selected candidates not only get a salary but numerous other benefits are also attached to the job position at the philippine coast guard.

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How long is the coast guard application process?

The time duration that is taken for the application process of the coast guard application is just four to six weeks. 

Is the Philippine coast guard military?

Yes, the philippine coast guard is a military. However, the military option is completely voluntary.

Is the Philippine coast guard under AFP?

There is also an attached service of AFP at wartime with the philippine coast guard. 

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